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Comment ummm (Score 1) 168

The Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden are *already* connected. Previous poster hinted at it with a map, but it's blindingly obvious, so I will be too. Maybe talking about some *other* body of water? The African rift-valley lakes perhaps? (didn't RTFA, shame on me)

Comment Re:Address-munging ceased being useful years ago (Score 1) 288

I munge on my web site/blog/waste of internet space. The address printed there (via javascript obfuscation) is not used anywhere else. If you visit my site with javascript enabled, you'll note that the address ends in a "1" now, because a spammer got ahold of the previous email address. So I killed that address, and created its descendant with an appended "1". This has eliminated all spam for several years so far, and allowed through several legitimate mails. If a spammer gets ahold of the new one, I'll kill/create once again.

At some point, the spammers will get too smart about js parsing, it will be too time-consuming for me to continue killing/creating email addresses, and I'll have to do something else. For the time being, munging is still useful for me.

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