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Journal Journal: Let the players decide the game 2


I have just been subjected to the most unsatisfying football experience. Most of you were spared the agony of the Chargers-Bills game, as it was only shown regionally. Bad enough that the Chargers did not capitalize on numerous opportunities, but on a day when our defense finally came to play, we had the rug ripped from under us by the worst officiating I have ever seen. No less than five pass interference calls, and the only one that might have been correct, appeared to be an uncatchable ball. Other than a bribe, I cannot explain what was going on with that back judge. He gave the Bills ten points. And then, just to add insult to injury, the officiating crew took fully fifteen seconds to reset the ball with the clock running and Flutie looking to spike the ball. That was criminal, and it cost the Chargers the opportunity to run another play.

If it weren't bad enough what happened on the field, the two idiots in the booth did not seem to be even watching the game. Were they drunk? Watching the Raider game on the monitor? They failed to note when flags were thrown, mis-called plays while the replay was being shown, and added no interest or value to the game. My wife, who hates football, would have called a better game.

I know, sounds like sour grapes since we lost, but I swear I would have written nearly the same rant if we had won. Terrible officiating, terrible commentary. Arrrgh!



Journal Journal: Boycott Tuna, again 4

I just read a rather disturbing article about the commerce department's intention to relax the criteria for the "Dolphin safe" label on cans of tuna. The new regulation would allow tuna from Mexican and Venezuelan fleets to display the label, even though those boats chase down and ensnare dolphins. More info here and here.

Journal Journal: Bushisms 2

A few of my favorites:

"We need an energy bill that encourages consumption."--Trenton, N.J., Sept. 23, 2002

"There's an old saying in Tennessee--I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee--that says, fool me once, shame on--shame on you. Fool me--you can't get fooled again."--Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 17, 2002

"Our nation must come together to unite."--Tampa, Fla., June 4, 2001

"My pro-life position is I believe there's life. It's not necessarily based in religion. I think there's a life there, therefore the notion of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness."--Quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 23, 2001



Journal Journal: The Hawk's view (and mine) 2

Good article at MSNBC by William Saletan of Slate. He writes about the fallacy of calling war the last resort when dealing with someone who has historically only responded to force.
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Journal Journal: Cellphones 1

I don't think I will ever get used to people carrying on long phone conversations while waiting in line at a store. Especially when the person makes no effort to speak in a lower voice, and then doesn't even pause the conversation to interact with the checker.
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Journal Journal: Thanksgiving 1

Well, I did it. Hosted twenty for Thanksgiving. Two turkeys, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, yams, pumpkin pie, all home-made. Man, that's a lot of work. Of course I made way too much food, and will be eating leftovers for a week. Just had mashed potatoes for breakfast.
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Journal Journal: Black Friday 2

I guess there's a pretty big anti-consumerism push on, with ppl boycotting the malls for the biggest shopping day of the year. Personally, I like to do as much of my shopping online as possible. Two years ago I did an all Amazon Christmas. Everyone knew who their gift was from by the wrapping paper.

I find the whole gift-giving process extremely stressful. I always try very hard to find gifts people will appreciate, always feel like I fell short of the quality of gift I wanted to give, and always feel like I have given more than I got. I know, it's supposed to be about the giving, I guess I'm selfish. Two years ago I reacted to Christmas by buying myself a motorcycle the day after. Best present I ever got.


Journal Journal: Thank you Republicans 5

This sort of thing really pisses me off. The administration essentially suspending provisions of the clean air act for some older power plants, and then trying to claim it will be good for us. Right.

Journal Journal: M$ admits DRM is doomed

Interesting article on BBC about a research paper put together at M$. The writers come to the conclusion that DRM is pointless, and will be subverted no matter how much technology is thrown at it. I submitted the story, another reject.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Who's on first 2


Playwright Jim Sherman wrote this today after Hu Jintao was named chief of the Communist Party in China.

(We take you now to the Oval Office.)

George: Condi! Nice to see you. What's happening?

Condi: Sir, I have the report here about the new leader of China.

George: Great. Lay it on me.

Condi: Hu is the new leader of China.

George: That's what I want to know.

Condi: That's what I'm telling you.

George: That's what I'm asking you. Who is the new leader of China?

Condi: Yes.

George: I mean the fellow's name.

Condi: Hu.

George: The guy in China.

Condi: Hu.

George: The new leader of China.

Condi: Hu.

George: The Chinaman!

Condi: Hu is leading China.

George: Now whaddya' asking me for?

Condi: I'm telling you Hu is leading China.

George: Well, I'm asking you. Who is leading China?

Condi: That's the man's name.

George: That's who's name?

Condi: Yes.

George: Will you or will you not tell me the name of the new leader of China?

Condi: Yes, sir.

George: Yassir? Yassir Arafat is in China? I thought he was in the Middle East.

Condi: That's correct.

George: Then who is in China?

Condi: Yes, sir.

George: Yassir is in China?

Condi: No, sir.

George: Then who is?

Condi: Yes, sir.

George: Yassir?

Condi: No, sir.

George: Look, Condi. I need to know the name of the new leader of China. Get me the Secretary General of the U.N. on the phone.

Condi: Kofi?

George: No, thanks.

Condi: You want Kofi?

George: No.

Condi: You don't want Kofi.

George: No. But now that you mention it, I could use a glass of milk,then get me the U.N.

Condi: Yes, sir.

George: Not Yassir! The guy at the U.N.

Condi: Kofi?

George: Milk! Will you please make the call?

Condi: And call who?

George: Who is the guy at the U.N?

Condi: Hu is the guy in China.

George: Will you stay out of China?!

Condi: Yes, sir.

George: And stay out of the Middle East! Just get me the guy at the U.N.

Condi: Kofi.

George: All right! With cream and two sugars. Now get on the phone.

(Condi picks up the phone.)

Condi: Rice, here.

George: Rice? Good idea. And a couple of egg rolls, too. Maybe we should send some to the guy in China. And the Middle East. Can you get Chinese food in the Middle East?

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