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Journal redfiche's Journal: Let the players decide the game 2


I have just been subjected to the most unsatisfying football experience. Most of you were spared the agony of the Chargers-Bills game, as it was only shown regionally. Bad enough that the Chargers did not capitalize on numerous opportunities, but on a day when our defense finally came to play, we had the rug ripped from under us by the worst officiating I have ever seen. No less than five pass interference calls, and the only one that might have been correct, appeared to be an uncatchable ball. Other than a bribe, I cannot explain what was going on with that back judge. He gave the Bills ten points. And then, just to add insult to injury, the officiating crew took fully fifteen seconds to reset the ball with the clock running and Flutie looking to spike the ball. That was criminal, and it cost the Chargers the opportunity to run another play.

If it weren't bad enough what happened on the field, the two idiots in the booth did not seem to be even watching the game. Were they drunk? Watching the Raider game on the monitor? They failed to note when flags were thrown, mis-called plays while the replay was being shown, and added no interest or value to the game. My wife, who hates football, would have called a better game.

I know, sounds like sour grapes since we lost, but I swear I would have written nearly the same rant if we had won. Terrible officiating, terrible commentary. Arrrgh!


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Let the players decide the game

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  • we had the rug ripped from under us by the worst officiating I have ever seen

    What the fuck, WE? Are you a paid team member or what?
    • The team gets fucked over I take it personally. Note that I did not write "we scored a touchdown" or any shit like that. I don't claim to have contributed, I just feel like when the team gets fucked, the fans are getting fucked too. Big difference.

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