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Journal redfiche's Journal: Boycott Tuna, again 4

I just read a rather disturbing article about the commerce department's intention to relax the criteria for the "Dolphin safe" label on cans of tuna. The new regulation would allow tuna from Mexican and Venezuelan fleets to display the label, even though those boats chase down and ensnare dolphins. More info here and here.
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Boycott Tuna, again

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  • Do your part to prevent the greedy and/or stupid from screwing up the environment - lend your support to Greenpeace [greenpeace.org]. I do - been a member for over 10 years now.
    • Actually, Greenpeace's agenda is much more anti-corporate / pro-left than it is particularly environmental at all -- indeed one of the two founders of GP has since left the group, on the grounds that the current leadership are, in his words [greenspirit.com]), `` a band of scientific illiterates who use Gestapo tactics''.

      • I have to ditto this. I believe strongly in taking care of the environment, that it is our human duty to be mindful caretakers of the world we live in... but the modern political environmentalist movement has, in my eyes, been hijacked by people whose agenda is not so much pro-environment as it is anti-individualism, and anti-property-rights.

        In Florida, the Federal Fish and Wildlife people are flaunting this 'wetlands protection' legislation that actually threatens wetlands wildlife by overflooding the land. It serves no useful purpose but to deny people the use of land that they own and care for privately and legally [wnd.com].

        And, what's more, Greenpeace morally (and financially, I believe) supports ELF, one of the most notorious sources of domestic terrorism. Let me put it this way. You have all the right in the world to use logic, reason, and emotion to try and affect my behavior... but when, by force, fraud, or governmental power you threaten the life, liberty, or property of any peaceful individual, you cross the line, and these groups have crossed it as far as I'm concerned.

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