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Submission + - Chicago GSB requires powerpoint for candidates

recharged95 writes: Washington Post reports that the University of Chicago has just created a new requirement for entrance to their MBA program: A 4 slide Microsoft Powerpoint presentation about themselves.

This is the beginning of Myspace style e-business? Is this promoting too much creativity in making a buck vs a grounding in common sense business traits? Are we heading for an ADD, network based business environment driven by those soon-to-be MBA grads? Where there's no substance behind that PPT (or PPTX)? I hope not, cause
  • I can never understand a powerpoint slide for the life of me nowadays. We [lots of technical folks] spend way too much time on PPTs to sell an idea vs. doing any real work. What would Tufte be thinking now (hair on fire?)
  • Creatviity requires more thought and making money shouldn't be hard.
  • Isn't the point of presentations to communicate clearly a simple point. A document and context diagrams are the creative, detail, offline part(s). 4 slides is a lot. Really.
  • Wouldn't Youtube be better for the GSB's cool factor?
  • And.... Keynote is simply better

This is too typical of the current business style, too much creativity, no real discussion or analysis, a result of outsourcing? Too typical...

On the bright side, I would say Scott Adams is set for life from this.

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