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Submission + - Forget Google - it's Apple that is turning into t (guardian.co.uk) 2

jira writes: "You may think you own your iPad or iPhone but in reality an invisible string links it back to Apple HQ" writes John Naughton writes in "The Guardian". And ads: "Umberto Eco once wrote a memorable essay arguing that the Apple Mac was a Catholic device, while the IBM PC was a Protestant one. His reasoning was that, like the Roman church, Apple offered a guaranteed route to salvation – the Apple Way – provided one stuck to it. PC users, on the other hand, had to take personal responsibility for working out their own routes to heaven."

Comment Re:Horses are gone. (Score 0) 121

VW will probably end up doing a fizzle and burn. I had VW for about 6 months after they bought out AllTel (never had one problem with Alltel), the service was extremely lousy (admitted by one of their own CS reps). They make big jumps now, just like they did then. They are probably just as unprepared for it now as they were then.

Comment I don't see a problem... (Score 0) 212

With a dress code. There are some people in this world that shouldn't be wearing the clothes they're wearing. We've all seen them. Regardless of what you look like physically (read as naked), with the proper clothing, anyone can become a real looker. UBS, being the type of company it is, expects their people to dress professionally so they attract "professional customers" (read into that what you will). I would certainly hope they pay their employees enough to keep a nice wardrobe, the type of clothes they want you to wear, you won't be buying at Walmart.

In the long run, if the money is right, it's only part of your life. Just think, when you get home, you can dress up in the spouse's clothing and go have a blast....or not.

Comment Re:Democrats loved the Pentagon Papers (Score 0) 833

I seriously doubt that Wikileaks had anyone best interest in mind when they published the information. What good will it really serve? As you've said, the amount of hurt, problems, and more this will cause was not, I'm sure, ever considered. He has also not given a shred of thought to what will probably happen to him once the wrong person/people catch up with him.

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