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Submission + - The JavaScript phenomenon is a mass psychosis (

jira writes: We know how bad language Javascript is. But why its use still spreading.
Know we know: "The JavaScript phenomenon is a mass psychosis"
Ok, its a rant but with a kernel of truth.

Comment Re:Comments on the browser itself? (Score 1) 415

It's like people have forgotten that they can actually poke around and figure things out for themselves. If it's not readily apparent, they assume it can't be done.

I think you got it wrong. The software should adjust to its users not the other way round. Even if you think that your users are lazy and not willing to invest few minutes of their time to learn the new great features you have for them then you should try to force yourself to listen to them. Because, well, otherwise they will just stop being interested in you at all. Well, in the end there will be an adjustment and Mozilla will have the sort of users it wants - somewhere around 5-10% market share would be my guess.


Submission + - Does physics really undestand the nature? (

jira writes: "Physicists are justly proud of the many ways that their achievements have benefited humankind. But building a light bulb or a telephone doesn’t mean that you understand its basic principles (Thomas Edison and Alexander Bell certainly didn’t), and many physicists seem to have forgotten that distinction."

"And so, despite headline-grabbing advances such as string theory, it goes to this very day. One can hardly challenge the predictive success of modern physics, but one should remember that one is describing nature, and not always understanding it."

Comment Re:The problem is still "free trade", not regulati (Score 1) 138

It's ironic that a poster child of the right wing - free trade - has done more for re-distribution of wealth from rich to poor counties than all the socialist ideals put together.

It's not that much ironic as it redistributed wealth from the lower classes in the west. During the last 30 years real wages for middle and lower income workers stagnated. But the top 1% are making much more.

Comment Re:Sad, but interesting (Score 1) 227

Right, and it's much easier to do so when you control a huge percentage of the mobile space. Again, my post was wondering if Apple would be able to resist that temptation.

Well, in the past they did not accept into their store apps that offered alternative to they own products and services.

In the early days of its App Store, Apple rejected two Google applications - Voice and Latitude.

The company said that, in the case of Voice, it replicated one of the iPhone's core functions - something which broke the App Store's terms of use.

Apple's rules were later relaxed, following an investigation by the US Federal Communications Commission.



Submission + - Chess Champion Rybka plagiarized GPL programs (

jira writes: The former Computer Chess Champion has been stripped of its title, as its programmer Vasik Rajlich has been convicted of plagiarizing two open source chess programs: Crafty and Fruit.

Rybka has been disassemled and its algorithms compared to those of Crafty and Fruit. The International Computer Games Association found the evidence strong enough to disqualify and ban Rybka from World Computer Chess Championships

Comment Re:Recent convert from Firefox (Score 1) 308

> Upsized font - are you using a trackpad (e.g. on a laptop) and you happen to be holding the control key when the font blows up?

Nope. It's just started to happen with FF5. For example: You start FF - the page loads with larger fonts. You restart and it displays normally.

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