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Submission + - Central anti-virus for small business

rduke15 writes: "I'm trying to find a centrally managed anti-virus solution for a small business network, and was wondering what others may be using in similar situations, and how satisfied they are with it. In my case, it's a small network of around 20 Windows XP machines with a Linux server. It is too big to manage each client manually. However, there is no no full-time IT person on site, and no Windows Active Directory server (just Linux with Samba). And the current solution with Symantec Endpoint Protection seems too expensive, and too complex for such a simple need. On the Linux server side, email is handled by amavisd and ClamAV. But the WinXP clients still need a real-time anti-virus for the USB disks they may bring to work, or stuff they download from their personal webmail or other sites. Certainly many of you had the same problem, and now have opinions on the solutions you used."

Submission + - Documenting server hard disks

rduke15 writes: "I manage small Linux servers in small businesses. They have various disks, partitions, shares, automounts, etc. Since they tend to not require a lot of maintenance, when time comes to change something, it is hard to remember where everything is, and how it all fits together. So I have to spend time with the output of /proc/partitions, fdisk -l, mount, Samba's testparm, the content of the /etc/auto.* files, etc. until I get a clear idea of the infrastructure.

I was thinking of writing a script which would summarize all this information into a clear page, probably in HTML. But maybe others have already done such scripts? Or they are integrated into some other tool I don't know? How do others deal with quickly getting to know a system, particularly it's disks and partitions?"

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