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Comment Re:Woha... (Score 0) 315

If you want to run a bash shell under Windows 10, they now offer one

Unfortunately, that is not exactly true. That was my hope when I first heard about it, because cmd.exe is such an abomination. But in fact, the Bash shell seems to be in some sort of Linux virtual machine. It doesn't run Windows executables and knows nothing or very little of Windows. So it cannot be used to do useful Windows stuff.

If you hoped to be able to use Bash for Windows scripting, well, forget it. It's still either cmd.exe or the convoluted and Windows-only Power Shell.

Comment Re:"topic of discussion for many across the world" (Score 2) 116

Since the new "left" became the old center

No mod points today. Hopefully someone else will mod this up.

Indeed, viewed from Europe, Clinton's policy proposals sound like normal center right stuff. And she is the only real candidate anyway. Most representatives of the other party would be labelled extreme right in Europe, but I guess even the neo-fascists in Europe wouldn't have selected Trump as their candidate. So what is a normal news organisation to do? Try to pretend that a "narcissistic sociopath" is just a normal candidate and that the insane things he is saying are just a different opinion?

Submission + - How a Bad UI Decision from Microsoft Helped Macro Malware Make a Comeback (

An anonymous reader writes: Macro malware is a term to describe malware that relies on automatically executed macro scripts inside Office documents. This type of malware was very popular in the '90s, but when Microsoft launched Office 97, it added a popup before opening Office files that warned users about the dangers of enabling macros. Microsoft's decision had a huge impact on macro malware, and by the 2000s, this type of malware went almost extinct. Lo and behold, some smart Microsoft UI designers starts thinking that users might get popup fatigue, so in Office 2007, Microsoft makes the monumental mistake of removing the very informative popup, and transforming the warning into a notification bar at the top of the document with only six words warning users about macros. Things get worse in Office 2010, when Microsoft even adds a shiny button that reads"Enable Macros", ruining everything it had done in the past 10-15 years, and allowing macro malware to become the dangerous threat it is today.

Submission + - Germany Considers Paradigm Shift On Renewables (

An anonymous reader writes: Germany, which has been seen as a trend-setter in the move to renewable power sources, may be turning a corner by adopting policies that slow the growth of solar and wind power in order to stabilize electricity prices and allow transmission infrastructure to catch up to the changing generation landscape.

The federal cabinet has adopted measures that would switch market policies away from the administrated pricing set up to a competitive bidding system

The new policy, mandating utilities purchase electricity with 20-year contracts that go to the lowest bids, has yet to be debated in Germany's parliament. Part of the rationalization at the cabinet level, however, is to benefit customers, while allowing utilities to build up infrastructure. German Economic and Energy Minister Sigmar Gabriel also said that grid operators last year had to pay “ billions of euros for wind power capacity that went unused.”

Comment I don't understand (Score 1) 56

I don't understand this rage to encrypt everything. I publish some web pages (a couple of blogs, my résumé, a few very specific instructions pages, etc) and cannot see any reason to have these pages delivered over encrypted links.

I use the web to _publish_ stuff, and to read what others _publish_. When I buy a newspaper at my local newsstand, I don't want it encrypted, and I don't care that the owner knows what papers I read.

While there are many good reasons to have some web traffic encrypted (passwords, transactions, ...), this sudden movement to encrypt everything looks really weird to me.

Or are there reasons which I don't see, why some people or entities would have some interest in everything being encrypted?

Comment New start, or the end of email? (Score 1) 294

Maybe it will be an opportunity to have a well maintained Thunderbird, but if not, it's worrying for email. I don't want to replace email with Facebook/Whatsapp/orWhatnot.

For now, there is Apple Mail which only runs on Macs,

Outlook which only runs on Windows (and is a terrible IMAP client, probably to force you to get an Exchange server)

And Gmail which only runs on... Google. And only if you have an Internet connection.

I feel Thunderbird is essential, and hope it finds someone to take care of it.

Comment But what I want in Linux is MS Access (Score 3, Informative) 314

Sounds like a joke? No I'm serious.

I don't need yet another database in Linux. PostgreSQL is fine, thank you. Even MySQL/MariaDB are OK.

What I miss is a GUI interface to these databases, which would allow me to quickly build GUI applications for users. MS Access can show PostgreSQL data to users in quickly designed forms and reports. And these can have some (horrible) VBA code to make a few things faster and easier for the users. Without Access, I have to make HTML interfaces, which works fine for simple reports, but gets really clumsy and slow for complex interactive forms.

(Yes, I know about PGadmin. It's great for me, and I use it regularly. But it's not for designing custom user interfaces to databases)

Comment 42069? What is it? (Score 1) 114

FTA: "For five digit passwords, [...] All the usual suspects occur, but a new addition is the puerile addition in position #20 of the concatenation of 420 and 69."

Am I competely sutpid, or is there some cultural reference here, which I don't get? Why "42069"? Why is it puerile?

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