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Submission + - An Infinite Number of Mathematicians Enter A Bar

ergo98 writes: The basis of floating-point numbers remains a mystery to most programmers, with many misunderstanding the benefits and correlating detriments. A new interactive explanation makes the mysterious obvious, revealing the secrets of the magic trick for all. Hopefully this improves the general knowledge about this powerful and common foundation of our work.

Comment Want to stop this efficiently? (Score 1) 95

It can be done pretty easily -- let people kill any wolves that come into populated areas, like they used to be allowed to do. The wolves that survive will be those that fear people and stick to the wilds.

And it's not like it would actually endanger the wolves -- the IUCN listing for them is Least Concern. The "Endangered Species Act" listing of them as "endangered" merely indicated they were rare in the lower 48 states; Canada, Alaska, Russia, and China have plenty.

Comment Re: Sounds like you're the problem (Score 5, Informative) 262

Finance companies are required by law to make their employees take 5 days in a row off, specifically for this reason, to ensure continuity of business processes in case you get hit by a bus. If you're the only one who knows how things work for day to day processes, there's serious flaws in your organization.

Comment I've already bought a VPS in germany (Score 1) 154

Just going to tunnel through germany openvn back to the states. Fuck it. If comcast wants to sell the information that there's an encrypted pipe going to germany they're welcome to. VPS with 1TB data is $5 a month these days. You could probably setup your own TOR network in 5 regions for $25 a month

Comment None of that sounds appealing as an adult (Score 1) 370

32 oz of soda? That much sugar and caffeine are probably a big reason why people like going to the movies, who wouldn't feel good after absorbing that much calories and caffeine. No thanks.
If you live in/near a major city the theater is a goddamn trainwreck; the theater experience is nice if you live in/near a rich suburb. That's it. I just make a mental note to check if a movie is out for rental a couple months after release... If I remember.

Comment Sounds a lot like USB-Câ power delivery (Score 2) 76

My eyes kind of glazed over reading the description but none of this sounded like anything you can't already do with USB-C power delivery mode. You can already run a 1080p display off of your cell phone, both power and data on the same cable. If you hook it up to a capable hub you can plug in your mouse and keyboard too

Comment This happened to my friend (he's now a Vet) (Score 3, Informative) 181

This happened to my buddy. He got in a car accident or something. This was shortly after he graduated from high school, and his father had just died. He ended up on pain meds, ended up getting addicted after a couple of months. When his prescription ran out, he called up our mutual friend who was in to drugs and got more. This went on for about 18 months before he decided he wanted to become a veterinarian, somehow his friends and family weaned him off pills, and after two years was accepted in to vet school. Through no small miracle he made it through grad school and graduated, he's now pretty successful.
I grew up in a pretty rich suburb, we had time to help him and his family through the addiction, and he had a strong goal to strive for. Many people don't have the opportunities or strong safety net that he did.

Comment Re:NO ONE is anywhere close (Score 1) 87

I was crossing the street in mountain view on... monday I want to say... The driver had to take over manual control doing a right turn on to central expressway from castro st/moffett blvd. The car decided that it was time to pull on to the highway. There was a car in front of it waiting to turn right as well. It's kind of a weird intersection though, as there's a double set of train tracks right next to central expressway, which you cross, then come to a stop again, then turn right at a light. Add to the fact that it's a major public transit junction with the caltrain + VTA light rail stations (Two different train stations) at the same intersection means there's a lot of pedestrians to look out for. There's probably 10 such intersections in the country.

Comment Three (Score 1) 174

USA (and some Europe) friends: Facebook
South America & Asia: WhatsApp

Work: Slack

I used to use Google chat (gmail chat? google messenger?) But over time everything's moved to FB/WhatsApp. I think WhatsApp is the superior chat app these days, especially on a cell phone. Although I like that Signal (what WhatsApp builds on top of) doesn't require SMS to verify your account.

Comment Re:Why 12.04? (Score 2) 88

12.04 was the first widely used version of Ubuntu in the mainstream. It also ironed out a bunch of the weirdness from it's predecessors and the versions after it (13.x and especially 14.04) are basically the same on the server side so there was very little reason to upgrade from 12.04 and then after that 16.04 has all it's systemd weirdness that people are actively trying to avoid until 14.04 goes EOL at which point enterprise folks might start doing preliminary testing on it.
If 12.04 weren't going EOL, I'm sure many, many people would happily continue spinning it up and using it; it's perhaps the most well publicly documented version of linux, 14.04 being close behind.

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