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Comment Re:TFS spin (Score 0, Troll) 158

This corruption scandal has been going on for more than two decades, perhaps 3. Funny thing that only a single party (that ranks as the third one most mentioned in this investigation) is being dragged through the mud. It's notable the former presidential candidate that leads the largest opposition party (if you don't count the opposing half of the largest government coalition party) has been named no less than five times by different witnesses and yet has been spared from the media spotlights. And, mind you, Aécio's party is the #1 in terms of candidates that can no longer run for office due to the "Ficha Limpa" law and their corruption charges.

This is not justice. This is a circus.

Comment Re:Why is it an overstep (Score 1) 158

Dear too coward to show your name,

How exactly will Brazil hold the torch of freedom when its police can't follow a simple court order? When half the elected officers are pushing for an illegal impeachment so they can stop an investigation that threatens them? Where pretty most every media outlet wages a non-stop PR war against a single party so that their chosen ones (the ones always involved but never mentioned) stand a chance to win the next presidential elections?

Give me a break. Speaking ill of your country?

Comment Re:The contemporary Apple II (Score 4, Interesting) 612

Or, better, if Apple convinced you to design the Apple IV as an intellectual successor to the Apple II, completely ignoring Mac and iOS ecosystems (and the Apple III, which we all understand as not being your fault) and building it for hardware and software hackers, without losing the kitchen-table-friendliness of the II, what would it look like? Would it be a self-contained box with internal slots? Would it be beige?

Comment Mach 10 (Score 1) 231

So, the rail takes the x-43-like launcher to 600 (10x60) mph? That's not nearly enough to ignite the engine. Assuming it gets 5 times as fast (3000 mph should be enough to ignite it) it will be very close to the ground. 3000 mph close to the ground must generate non-trivial amounts of heat (and broken windows). Ignore that (because the launcher appears to have SR-71-like engines) for a moment and imagine the launcher now has to propel itself to the upper atmosphere, where it reaches Mach 10 (something we never did on an air-breathing engine) points itself upward (perhaps getting rid of more atmosphere) and launches the expendable stage. The launcher then glides back to the ground and lands safely.

Am I the only skeptical one here?

I am glad NASA is thinking on stuff, but, seriously, they could as well think about viable stuff. They don't need milestones like these - they need, as one expert once said, "inchstones".

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