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Comment Re:Only a penny a page, duplex? (Score 1) 5

I'll be better able to figure it when the cartridge is empty. The savings come from not having to pay eight or ten bucks for copies that I'm proofreading.

They're already online as free e-books, HTML, and PDF, with printed copies available at a price.

Comment Cataracts and Suse (Score 1) 6

IIRC you're Canadian (if in the US you'll need insurance) and should be able to get CrystaLens implants for an extra $2,000. They cure nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and cataracts.

I ran Suse back in 2003 and liked it, but moved to Mandrake because my TV didn;t like it; I was using the TV as a monitor with an S-video cable. Still trying to find a distro that will run on an old Gateway laptop.

Comment Re:Only a penny a page, duplex? (Score 1) 5

I based the estimate on $5o for a cartridge that prints an average of 3,000 pages. A color laser would be nice, but as you say, far more expensive both in up-front costs and toner. And changing toner in a color printer is a PITA, at least the ones at work were.

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Journal Journal: The Printer 5

(Illustrated version here)
After buying copies of books from my book printer, finding errors to correct, and giving the bad copies to my daughter who wants them, rather than discarding them I realized I was stupid. It would be a lot cheaper to buy a laser printer.
An inkjet wouldn’t work for me. The printer is going to be sitting idle most of the time, and inkjet nozzles clog; I’v

Comment Re:Rise up? Please! (Score 1) 22

I'm not a Democrat, and almost always pick the Republican ballot on primary elections, but I'm not a Republican, either. I vote candidate, not party. Personally, I think we'd be screwed no matter who won the election. Clinton's government employment record is very close to Buchannon's (that might be a misspelling), the president who started the Civil War and is considered the worst president by most historians.

But I have to agree with the journal. He nailed it. Guess who profits by all that? Donald Trump, who once (before the crash) said he hoped real estate WOULD crash, because he could make a lot of money from it.

He's now in the position to actually do it.

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Journal Journal: Bar Bots

(If the text is borked, you can read it here)

Some highly paid people seem to not be very good at thinking straight... or at all.

Comment Re:Surely an inadvertent target (Score 2) 163

I've done something like this. I ended up using a CD-R removing the hard drives. The advantage of a CD-R is that it can't be modified easily which removed 99% of the possible ways to mess with the system. (I wouldn't be as confident a USB drive couldn't be modified.) It also makes it easy to test upgrades and deploy them rapidly.

I know it would be possible to do network booting but I've tried it and it was slower and took more effort. For my purposes, I found slax easy to set up, modify and use. I tried out several other distros and justbrowsing seemed better to me. However, after testing it out on regular users, the slax install seemed easier to use and harder to mess up. I think it's because having several options confuses people. (I think that explains Apple's success. As much as I may prefer choice and don't mind learning something new, the average user doesn't want to "have to" make choices.)

If I'd had to expose it to the general public, I would have probably used a little superglue to ensure the CD didn't get pulled out, or just stuck the CD-ROM drive inside behind a cover. Yes a deviant with a pocketknife might still manage to pry open the drive or a geek with a screwdriver might replace something internal or reset the BIOS modification password but I still think it would work better than most kiosk systems I've worked with. It was simple enough that kids and old people almost never complained. (I say "almost" because we didn't connect our kiosk machines to printers. I was aiming for low maintenance and printers are pretty much never low maintenance.)

The one real irritant is that people sometimes wandered onto sites that were "Internet Explorer Only." While I possibly could have overcome some of that with IE emulation in Firefox, I choose instead to just say it was bad site design and that, for security reasons, we wouldn't be providing a kiosk with Internet Explorer. Ever.

If I'd been willing to invest more time, I probably would have built a custom distro with Suse studio. If anybody goes that route, I'd be interested in the results.

Comment Re:Or just go back to the way things were before (Score 1) 5

This is personal to me. A friend I knew in high school, went into the service with, and kept in touch with couldn't afford insurance and caught appendicitis. It ruined his credit and nearly his family. In 1992 when he had a heart attack, he just laid down and died rather than calling 911.

That's what happens in the US when you work full time and can't afford insurance.

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