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Journal Journal: The End of Slashdot

With the forced-at-gunpoint adoption of the Beta Slashdot site, it looks like it will be the death of Slashdot. When user participation and user-curated content IS your web site focus, making more ad copy on zero users seems like a losing strategy - but one that Dice has chosen to make. I wonder what the future holds - who will be Slashdot's successor?

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Journal Journal: Wretched shit-hole...

This place has become such a wretched, spam-infested unwashed shit hole since Dice bought them. No moderation, no spam removal, bot running rampant. What a dump.

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Journal Journal: The new order I guess... 3

I participate without trolling, and my Karma goes to hell - every post I make ends up in the toilet. Nice to know that when you make logical arguments, and try to express your opinion - your modded into oblivion. Perhaps if I made racist claptrap statements, my karma would be excellent again. Better idea - how about I don't even bother?

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Journal Journal: Debate versus personal attacks

In a professional debate, when you break down to calling the other side's advocate names - your side loses. Sadly, that's all that seems to be left of Slashdot's intellectual crowd - defend an 'unpopular' position, and you get called all sorts of names. Really takes the fun out of a spirited discussion - and makes the whole community seem like a lost cause. Disabled comments because I really don't want your opinion on what you think my mother's relations were with the neighbor's dog or shit like that - keep it to yourself.

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Journal Journal: Slashdot's New Motto...

...should be News For Nerds, Stuff That CNET Showed a Week Ago... but I think it doesn't quite roll off the tongue.

Journal Journal: Dupes..... and the duplication of duplications of duplicates

We all complain of the duplicates - but you know, they will keep doing it since your paying for it with subscriptions. Request your money back for duplicate pages to see the articles which are also duplicates.

That will light a fire under their asses...

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Journal Journal: Erasing my Journals?

It seems /. has taken to erasing my journals. Didn't like getting labeled as morons, did we? Then stop acting like four year olds with the whole April Fools thing.

United States

Journal Journal: Run for Office...?

Perhaps I should run for political office as a Libertarian. I vote in every election, and try to be involved in local politics as much as possible (almost impossible given my city doesn't post where they are, or when they are - the general public is not allowed to attend anyway). Personally, I am getting tired of getting represented by some dick-brain numb-skull who only thinks with the little head, and whose only concerns are whose corporate dick they should suck next to get re-elected.

Maybe it's time for the average man to run for office - there has got to be someway for the average person to win. The average man has a better idea of what's going on in this country than the politicians. That is really really sad, considering they are full-time positions

So, what do people think - should I run for office? What would it take, where are the resources, and most importantly - what do people want out of a politician who is 'just an average guy'?

P.S. - What's with all the 3rd party candidates being whackos?

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Journal Journal: April Fools.....again

Here it is - April Fools again, and Slashdot goes retarded. Not funny, not fuckin' funny in the least.


Journal Journal: BMW Films... 2

Now, how hard would it be to make films like BMW Films does - they don't set out to make feature length films in one sitting. They set out, film like a 10-15 minute clip, and tie them together with subplot films. Granted, to download the DVD-quality short racks up nearly 100 MB a film, they ARE streamed...

I've often wondered about perhaps making a independant film, just get a bunch of people together, find a few daring individuals to fund it, some local talent to star in it, write a good screenplay, and then post it - perhaps to make profit on product placement without being too obnoxious... There cannot be too much involved, otherwise, the Canne film festival would not have so much chaff, and there would not be like a thousand different independant film groups around.

Certainly open-source ideals can be used to make the film, while keeping the film from being too schitzophrenic with a constant feel. If it's about making a good film, first step is to find out - what makes a good film?

Journal Journal: April Fools - as in the staff

Every April 1, Slashdot becomes just absurd with the whole 'April Fools' thing, especially Malda. No real stories find themselves here, instead being replaced by bullshit. Not even an effort is made at any journalistic content (not that they try too damn hard for the rest of the damn year, either). And they want us to pay for it...

I think the only REAL 'April Fools' today are the staff, or more appropriately, 'April Jackasses'.

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