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Journal raydobbs's Journal: BMW Films... 2

Now, how hard would it be to make films like BMW Films does - they don't set out to make feature length films in one sitting. They set out, film like a 10-15 minute clip, and tie them together with subplot films. Granted, to download the DVD-quality short racks up nearly 100 MB a film, they ARE streamed...

I've often wondered about perhaps making a independant film, just get a bunch of people together, find a few daring individuals to fund it, some local talent to star in it, write a good screenplay, and then post it - perhaps to make profit on product placement without being too obnoxious... There cannot be too much involved, otherwise, the Canne film festival would not have so much chaff, and there would not be like a thousand different independant film groups around.

Certainly open-source ideals can be used to make the film, while keeping the film from being too schitzophrenic with a constant feel. If it's about making a good film, first step is to find out - what makes a good film?

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BMW Films...

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