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Journal raydobbs's Journal: Run for Office...?

Perhaps I should run for political office as a Libertarian. I vote in every election, and try to be involved in local politics as much as possible (almost impossible given my city doesn't post where they are, or when they are - the general public is not allowed to attend anyway). Personally, I am getting tired of getting represented by some dick-brain numb-skull who only thinks with the little head, and whose only concerns are whose corporate dick they should suck next to get re-elected.

Maybe it's time for the average man to run for office - there has got to be someway for the average person to win. The average man has a better idea of what's going on in this country than the politicians. That is really really sad, considering they are full-time positions

So, what do people think - should I run for office? What would it take, where are the resources, and most importantly - what do people want out of a politician who is 'just an average guy'?

P.S. - What's with all the 3rd party candidates being whackos?

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Run for Office...?

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