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Submission + - Facebook reveals what data it has collected on its users

An anonymous reader writes: From the article:
Today, Facebook announced that they will provide its users with a download of all of the data it collects on them. In this data, it includes: chat logs, photos, friends. friend's emails, wit all posts, IP Addresses you have used, the previous names you have used, friend requests you have made, and more will be added soon. For the friend's emails, they only show users the emails that their friends have shared with them(so, if their email is listed as only viewable to them, or group you're not in, you can't see it). They also stated that this expanded archive will slowly roll out to all of the sites 845 million users.

Submission + - Oracle and Google spar over whether languages can be copyrighted (

pcritter writes: With the Oracle v. Google trial date set for next Monday, the Judge has asked Google and Oracle to take a position on whether a programming language is copyrightable. This presumably relates to whether Google violated copyright by using a variant of the Java language and its APIs in the Android framework. Oracle, who thinks it can be, has used Klingon as an example of a language that is copyrighted. Google disagrees.
United States

Submission + - US military developing multi-focus augmented reality contact lenses (

MrSeb writes: "Proving that biological limitations are only a problem for other people, the US Department of Defense and Innovega have begun work on a system, called iOptik, that gives humans the ability to focus on the near foreground and distant background at the same time. The plan is that soldiers will be able to use these contact lenses to focus on a head-up display (HUD) projected on a pair of spectacles, while retaining wide-angle vision of the background. Current systems require the user to divert all of their attention to the HUD, thus reducing their field of view immensely — which is obviously a bit dangerous if you're in the middle of a fire fight. Innovega would like to commercially release iOptik in 2014 — and obviously, the augmented reality Google Glasses might already use technology very similar to this."

Submission + - Planned Lovecraft movie scrapped over R-rating (

RogueyWon writes: "The New Yorker is reporting that a planned adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft's seminal sci-fi horror novella "At the Mountains of Madness" has been canned by Universal over concerns that it would receive an "R" rating. Director Guillermo del Toro had planned a dark, high budget epic that would have defied the usual "schlock" horror conventions. Lovecraft fans will either be condemning Universal's timidity, or breathing a sigh of relief, depending upon the extent of their faith in Hollywood."

Submission + - Stopping The Horror of 'Reply All'

theodp writes: The WSJ's Elizabeth Bernstein reports that Reply All is still the button everyone loves to hate. 'This shouldn't still be happening,' Bernstein says of those heart-stopping moments (YouTube) when one realizes that he or she's hit 'reply all' and fired off a rant for all to see. 'After almost two decades of constant, grinding email use, we should all be too tech-savvy to keep making the same mortifying mistake, too careful to keep putting our relationships and careers on the line because of sloppiness.' Vendors have made some attempts to stop people from shooting themselves in the foot and perhaps even starting a Reply All email storm. Outlook allows users to elect to get a warning if they try to email to more than 50 people. Gmail offers an Undo Send button, which can be enabled by setting a delay in your out-bound emails, from 5-30 seconds, after which you're SOL. And AOL is considering showing faces, rather than just names, in the To field in a new email product. 'I wonder if the Reply All problem would occur if you saw 100 faces in the email,' AOL's Bill Wetherell says.

Comment Re:Yes! (Score 1) 261

I agree, however the pre-Broken Steel solution of saving just prior to the end of the main plot worked just fine for me. The main reason I bought Broken Steel was for the increased level cap, extra missions, new weapons and armour. Being able to continue past the "end" of the game was just an ancillary benefit.

Comment Re:Yes! (Score 1) 261

Nope; I haven't completed it yet since I'm taking my time and enjoying the scenery. Thanks for the headsup, though, I'll make sure I've got a savegame just prior to completing the main plot. That worked just fine in Fallout 3 pre Broken Steel...

Comment Re:Yes! (Score 2, Interesting) 261

I don't know about weak; I'd maybe go for "naive", especially since they were producing a very sandbox-y game. However, it's worth mentioning that it was a completely different development studio, so it's hardly surprising that their design goals would be different. Personally, I think it was laudable of them to actually listen to their fans and provide the functionality they asked for, rather than simply ignoring them as so many studios seem to.

Comment Re:Yes! (Score 5, Informative) 261

Obsidian loses points though for making the end of the game contained in a DLC. I don't know if they had the original ending and decided they could do better (which would be more legitimate) or if they decided they'd be losing money to put all that content in one game (less respectable) or if they decided they could squeeze more out of us by breaking it up (woudn't put it past them).

However it happened, it was a good game and I didn't think twice about buying New Vegas.

Are you referring to the Fallout 3 Broken Steel DLC, which raised the level cap to 30 and allowed the game to continue past the original cutscene-to-menu ending once the main plotline had been completed? If so, I think you meant "Bethesda", as Obsidian are only responsible for developing New Vegas.

As far as I can recall, the decision to expand the "endgame" in Broken Steel came about as a result of request from fans who wanted to continue playing past the conclusion of the story. I seem to remember some BethSoft employee being quoted as saying they never anticipated that people would enjoy their game that much...


Submission + - Alien prequel now confirmed (

bowman9991 writes: "It was rumoured to be a remake, but 20th Century Fox's new Alien film will actually be a prequel to Ridley Scott's science fiction horror classic (thank God!). Producer Tony Scott (brother of Ridley Scott who directed the original) confirmed that an Alien prequel will be going ahead with Carl Rinsch directing. Trying to remake Ridley Scott's sci-fi classic would have been mad. A prequel at least gives new director Carl Rinsch creative room to move."

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