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Submission + - Are you really in your parent's basement? (

rastakid writes: "One of the typical in-jokes on Slashdot is the 'I am still living in my parents basement' phrase. Based on the comments of any Slashdot story it seems that 90% of the Slashdotters live with their parents. It's time to draw a final score: describe your living situation and share it with the rest of the world :)"

Comment Re:Jet lag (Score 1) 605

Wow, that's amazing. I'm wondering: when you are awake for more than 24 hours, how do you feel? Are you just as tired as a 'normal' person or are you more focused? Until what point can you get any real work done? Please give us some more background info on this :)

PS: I always wonder how great it would be to have enough with 3 hours of sleep every night so I can have a 21 hour day. Guess there's a downside to that :-/


Submission + - Full Wikipedia Encyclopedia?

rastakid writes: "More and more articles, blogs and forum posts surface from people complaining about Wikipedia policies. Their major issue is over-zealous admins deleting (or extensively trimming) articles to fit all Wikipedia policies (including the much disliked 'Notability' policy). The Wikipedia admins are simply doing their job trying to confirm Wikipedia more and more to (official?) encyclopaedic standards, but in the process are disappointing Wikipedia fans by not providing an article about a certain (perhaps little known) webcomic for example. Another example is the mass removal of (un-sourced) pictures. My question to you, Slashdot, is whether it would be feasible to create a front-end to Wikipedia which would contain all information deemed interesting by any member of the public. Because Wikipedia keeps diffs of all deleted and altered articles it would be possible to read out that diff information, merge it and display it to the viewer, so the viewer gets a complete view on the information, even if it's not notable enough for the official Wikipedia. Of course I realise it won't meet encyclopaedic standards, but it sure is a way to collect a whole lot of information in a very convenient way. And isn't that what Wikipedia was born for in the first place?"
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - How would one sell a web application? (

rastakid writes: "I've just started the selling process of a web (2.0, so you will) application I wrote, called It's an online desktop environment built in PHP using AJAX technology. It started out as a hobby project to learn AJAX development but it soon grew much further than that with features being added on a weekly basis. Now that I (and a couple of friends who helped me on this project) are moving on to other things we don't want to let our work go to waste and decided to sell the source code, art material and domain name.

Based on the features and the possibilities of this application we decided to go for an amount of EUR 5,000.-. In our opinion that's enough to be considered serious and not too much for smaller companies to pay. Our target audience consists of entrepreneurs, companies (intranet) and schools.

My question: how would one go about selling such a web application? Where do we market such a sale? Any tips would be appreciated.

Note: If you would like to have more information about the application: please visit"

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