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Comment Re:Myth: Mayer didn't do well for Yahoo! (Score 1) 156

21% growth rate? Per annum? Is it really a big deal? When the first baby is born the family is growing at a dizzying rate of 50% per annum. Adding up all the families growing at this rate, I am sure the world population is going to exceed three quadrillion by the end of next quarter.

Comment It is a dream!!! (Score 1) 148

It is the dream of every ambulance chasing personal injury lawyers.

They completely killed the personal aviation industry with liability lawsuits. The precedents set are like, "the manufacturer is liable even if there was no way they could have known such an issue could exist when the flying machine was manufactured."

So the relatives first guy to die in this will become millionaires. The sugar daddy vulture capitalists will flee.

Comment It is astonishing number! (Score 1) 78

67% is such a large portion, people should be shocked that it is this high instead of being disappointed or dismissive.

Discount small children, very old people with failing eye sight and arthritic fingers, this is probably as large as it gets. In USA voter turn out struggles to reach 67% and cracks 60% only in presidential elections.

Comment Idiotic school IT admins cause trouble. (Score 1) 74

My nephew was accused of attempting to hack into the school system to visit websites in the school's black list. This boy has unlimited access data plan in his cell phone and there is no real reason to hack into school wifi to reach any site. But the admin adamantly claims he had "logs" tying his mac address to attempts to bypass security. This boy asked, "why would I? I can turn on local hot spot and connect to my cell phone. Why would I even bother hacking through your system?". Admin got flustered and talked darkly about insane things teenagers do and insisted on one day suspension. His dad decided not to escalate the issue, but warned the admin, if the same accusation happens again, he will move the courts and subpoena his "logs". Told him to make sure he preserves all logs and data if he ever dares to accuse his son of any malfeasance. The admin clearly did not expect that level of push back. Dad did his PhD in asynchronous transfer mode protocols and is a top researcher for Bell labs, (in whatever name it survives today. )

Comment Hitler will be happy. (Score -1, Troll) 137

You it really sucks, when you dedicate your entire life to being the best tyrant in history and then your lifetime of achievement degenerate into punch lines and jokes because of these fan subtitles. Just 10 years ago search for Hitler, you would get millions of hits about genocide and brilliant military victories and tragic losses. He became the definitive last word in any argument , as recognized by the noted historian Godwin.

Then these fan subtitlers came in. Every Tom Dick and Harry had a Downfall spoof on the net. Half the hits for "Hitler" in the net are for Downfall spoof. From the most hated man in history to most laughed at man in History in mere six years!

Let this be a warning to you all. All your great work and achievements will be nullified and sullied by these sub titlers. Now Hitler can rest easy. His place in history is made secure once more.

Comment Job killing regulations (Score 1) 169

All the people who used shout about onerous government regulations that kills jobs and deprives us of liberty will keep quiet now. They will pipe up only when people talk about doing something about fraud.

It is quite easy to steal small amounts of money from a large number of people. Most people will not pursue any serious legal action.

This is a limited liability company. All profits and assets will flow one way to the owners, all liability will stop with the entity that goes bankrupt. But corporations are people my friend. And the courts are ruling corporations have free speech rights, and have ruled spending money is speech, they also have free will, conscience and religious liberty, according to our courts.

It takes two real people and nine months to make a fresh citizen, and just a filing fee to create a corporate citizen. Real citizens can not dodge criminal liabilities of their actions, corporate citizens can. They are only assessed civil damages at best.

These corporations play one party against another and are going scot free. (scot was a kind of tax in old England).

Corporations are a great threat to our liberties. People who rail about and aware of the threat government power poses to our liberties are silent about the threat posed by corporate power.

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