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Comment Idea! (Score 1) 61

Build a small raspberry pi machine that is programmed to install spyware on any phone connecting to it via usb port. Also steal as much data as it could and broadcast it via wifi to the mother ship. Pack it nicely, slap stickers saying "Free courtesy phone charging outlet from Port Authority of New York. (To make it useful to more commuters this outlet is programmed to stop charging after 30 minutes. Please disconnect in 30 minutes. Thank you for your cooperation)". Leave it plugged into outlets at various public buildings.

(Read it as an unordered bullet list with ... and profit. Thank you. )

Comment Re:Catastrophic man-made global warming (Score 2) 266

More pleasant climate not just for humans, but also for bugs, worms, weeds etc.

The yearly frost has been killing vermin for ages in North America and Europe. As the frost line moves upwards, as USDA "zones" creep northwards, so do these creatures.

Often these creatures are "invasive" the native plants have no defense against these bugs. For example stink bugs have existed 200 miles south of Mason-Dixon line for centuries without serious issues. When the climate became pleasant enough to inhabit pockets north of PA-MD border, they found many delicious plants and nesting places to winter over, and they are becoming serious pests.

Such changes have taken place repeatedly in the past. We know that. If it happens slow enough, the plants will develop resistance. What is alarming is the rapidity of the change. The life cycle of a tree is in decades. Bugs have life cycles measured in days. Bugs would have several hundred generations to go against an existing tree which has no way of defending itself. It takes centuries or even a millennia for a forest to assimilate, integrate and thrive as new bug species infest them.

Creating doubt is easy. Asking questions is easy. Finding answers is difficult. Accepting uncomfortable answers, is even more difficult.

Comment 12 billion dollars is not worth it. (Score 1) 109

If the savings is just 12 billion dollars, the banks will not bother. They make that much between breakfast and lunch probably. If it ever levels the playing field ever so slightly, they won't do it. Even if there is the merest whiff of suspicion of a suggestion about the probability of giving small banks a couple of molecules of benefit, the big banks will spend 12 billion to thwart it.

The motto, the dream, the hope, the aspiration of every bank is to become so big no one else can compete, and to divert all the profits as executive salaries, boni and other incentives.

Comment All you guys are going to miss Win10 (Score 1, Troll) 500

When Win7 came in, everyone crapped on it. Longing for XP64. Praising Xp64 as good enough. stable enough. dont mess with this.

Then the fiasco of Win8, skipped 9, Win10. Finally everyone will be brought to Win10 kicking and screaming. And they all will file bug reports with a vengeance. MS developers will bellyache having to fix bugs in win10, while all the really cool assignment goes Win12 teams. But eventually Win10 will get to be actually much better than Win7. Just in time to declare it dead and annoint Win12 as the new king of the hill.

And the cycle will repeat.

Its turtles all the way down. And bugs all the way up.

Comment Re:Ha-Ha! (Score 1) 277

Linux builds exceptionally good UI and user experience? Why last time I checked there were at least 100 different GUI experiences possible in Linux/ And if you don't like all 100, you can just download the source, make a few edits, voila! "congratulations, 101'st GUI management distro".

The only good thing is, good or bad, you know what GUI is available in ALL windows machines and you can develop applications. Linux suffers in that respect. Qt? or Tkl or gnome or what? . Quite sad, given X11 actually was way ahead of windows in providing a base set of ui features guaranteed on all unix systems.

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