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Comment Re:Smartphone size? (Score 1) 525

I think AR apps and games where you keep your screen on for extended periods of time are going to put an end to the thinner phone trend. At least for a while until they figure out a way to get radically more screen time per unit of energy.

The long term answer to AR usage patters will probably be screens that will switch to a low power reflective mode for use in sunlight and other high ambient light situations.

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 99

Yeah, Nintendo has seen that their audience has gone over to mobile gaming. There is probably no point in trying to fight that.

By the way Nintendo and Niantic may finally have found a way to prompt Apple and Samsung to put bigger batteries in their phones. Games like Pokemon GO where you keep your screen on will suck the battery dry in 2-3 hours on most phones.

Comment Makes sense (Score 1) 99

Weren't these exact specs going through the console gaming news cycle some 2-3 months ago? I believe this is the OFA: http://www.giantbomb.com/artic...

But yes, this makes a lot of sense for Sony. It is not going to be technologically feasible to release a gaming system with at least 10x more GPU power than the original PS4 within the foreseeable future. Certainly not at a reasonable price point. It is feasible to do a 2x upgrade next year because the PS4 was somewhat underpowered to begin with. Then there could easily be another 2x upgrade sometime in the early 2020's.

(Yes, we are less than three and a half years away from the early 2020's. Sounds a little implausible, doesn't it?)

I think the PS4 series of consoles is likely to be Sony's final non-portable gaming system. One of Nvidia, Intel and AMD will probably be the company that pioneers the truly next generation of gaming consoles, which will require truly radical change in how GPU:s are made.

Comment Already been tried (Score 1) 609

This has already been tried. The results have not exactly been encouraging.

The problem is that even the best experts in any field know very little. The theories that exist probably cover something like 0.1% of everything that we need to understand in order to make informed decisions that would optimise global happiness. And that's assuming we can agree that Utilitarianism makes sense. It's a complete non-starter. And it will have adverse effects when people stubbornly refuse to admit that it doesn't work.

Let's take one example. You are clearly going to need a science of history in order to predict what effect your policies will have in the long run. But historians have virtually nothing in terms of over-arching theory that can guide us.

The "solution" that people have come up with in the past is to simply make theories up out of thin air and make it obligatory by law to believe in them.

Comment Re:Don't make him into a Saint (Score 2) 42

Not exactly. Physicists and laymen alike have been confused about the weirder aspects of quantum mechanics since long before the internet.

I remember silently refusing to believe that my middle school science teacher was telling the truth about the double slit experiment. It seemed obviously wrong. Some searching on Altavista changed (and blew) my mind.

Comment News media not doing their job (Score 5, Funny) 130

This is admittedly interesting news, but what I'm really dying to know is what Kim Kardashian has to say about Pokemon Go.

I'd also like to know more about the top 10 weirdest things that have happened to people while playing Pokemon Go and how to easily make hundreds of dollars a week by playing Pokemon Go.

Comment Re:Full of Shit (Score 1) 148

They're claiming that's not enough. What they're claiming implicitly is that your great-grandchildren have to be able to make money off of your work, otherwise there will be too little incentive for you to innovate.

No, actually what they're claiming is that they have enough lobbyist to enact whatever the hell they want for themselves.

And by innovation they mean clever ways to sell the exact same old recording that you already own, maybe with some slight changes to the mastering or what not.

Comment Re:dialing. (Score 1) 171

Dialing the time was popular long before the 80's, and in fact by the 80's I recall it being much less used, even if it still existed. I remember dialing the time as being more of a 1960's and 70's thing.

I suppose next you're going to tell me that people nowadays don't understand why it's called "dialing" a number. Or why it was faster to dial a number with lots of low digits than lots of high digits.

You probably got a TV with teletext sometime in the 1970's or 80's that told you the time. IIRC lower end TV:s did not ship with teletext well into the 1990's.

Comment Re:Congratulations (Score 2) 106

Congratulations. You have invented the train.

What I find really interesting is not the linked article itself, but the one right below it on Scania's new inductively-charged bus.If we can inductively supply power to buses, why can't we supply power to trains in the same way, even if just for urban light rail? Getting rid of the pantographs and that nineteenth-century tangle of overhead wires would make mass transit cheaper and more esthetically acceptable.

The cost per km of track would be prohibitively high. It's cheaper to just use conductive propulsion with a third rail divided into isolated sections that power up when a rail vehicle passes over them.

Google "catenary free tram" for examples.

Comment Re:Great news for a fossil fuel free Sweden... (Score 1) 106

Doesn't matter very much, honestly. Even 100% coal powered electric vehicles are cleaner than gasoline or diesel, and electric vehicles will improve as the cost of wind, solar, etc continue to drop.

Maybe so in Sweden where coal plants are forced to install good smoke scrubbers and to double as district heat sources. That is not exactly the arrangement that they have in China or India. They just spew out the smoke with little to no scrubbing. A gasoline car will certainly be a lot cleaner than a 100% coal powered electric car under those circumstances.

Comment Re:Congratulations (Score 2) 106

Congratulations. You have invented the train.

Yeah. Why reinvent something that works? It seems like it might be good way to power large trucks. A good use case would be a road between a mine and a port. Roads are a lot cheaper to build than railways and can be built more rapidly.

The other obvious way of building an electric road is to put conductors in the road itself. This could work for regular cars as well as trucks and buses. These people are working on that: http://elways.se/?lang=en

Comment Re:What sucks (Score 1) 301

I don't know about that. It probably depends on whether or not having a very large professional network is important for the position that you are applying for.

Oh, and if the job involves administering Facebook libraries or services then you will need a Facebook account in order to perform your work duties. (A bit like how you need a Gmail account in order to be a Google Developer.)

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