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Comment Anyone bothered to test this theory. (Score 1) 99

So if you create a shopping list using google voice commands on my phone, it no longer goes to keep, it goes to google express. Any pontificating genius bother to test this story out. It comes from Ars Technica. all the comment section are like this one, idiot one liners.

Ive seen this used by older folks who cant remember something later, and just say into there phones what they want to note down. THey have a shortcut on thier computer bring up the notes.

So i tried it just now. I created a shopping list using voice. It went to google keep.

So sorry Ron Amadeo of Ars Technica. Your op-ed article is not correct. Go back and check again.

Comment Welcome to the Annual BullShit report about Canada (Score 1) 134

Every god damn year this report comes out, and it lies like a Sean Spicer press briefing.

The 301 watchlist report is trotted out every year. and every year Canada is one on the great boogy men to chase. Its a bad report that has little objective evidence in it, and is at most an industry ad propaganda briefing. Im sure there will be a detailed analysis out shortly, but here is one of Dr. Geists past looks at this annual right of **AA venting its spleen "because Hollywood is doomed if we don't fix this"

Comment The TPP has always been wrong (Score 2) 600

The TPP was negotiated over a very long time time between governments and large corporate interests. While the public was cut out of knowing what was being negotiated, Large corporate interests were sitting at the table through their lobbiests, which added the worst parts of the agreements. The continued drumbeat of longer copyright rules, thanks to the MPAA, is just one example. If you want to see from a Canadian perspective why this deal is a steaming pile of waste shows 50 reasons. And the great irony here, is most of the shit in this deal comes from the U S of A. I dont want to be part of any more trade deals, if the US is at the table, because your guys are the fkn worst in the room.

Comment Last dying breath (Score 1) 198

In the Canadian marketplace The Futureshop was one of the worst players. They went out of their way to destroy other businesses and companies, as could be told by the amount of lawsuits they had filed against them over the years. They had questionable ethics but for a time they were winners of the marketplace.

But the marketplace changes. when they were bought by Best Buy they created this stupid illusion of competition by opening a Best Buy directly opposite a Futureshop. Futureshop had the better price, but Best Buy actually had the stock. We all saw through this pathetic attempt and over time just stop trusting them. Best Buy retracted last year, they're killing the name off this year which still boils down to slimming down the stores and retracting the business again.

Overall a marketplace that has spoken, and dumping a crappy company. How much longer before we watch the liquidators come in and clear out the morally and financially bankrupt Best Buy.

Comment This debate only occurs in America. (Score 1) 723

In the rest of the world we debate how to keep the health care system going and everyone to get access. The complaints about the Affordable Healthcare Act fit a pattern.

Only in America do you have debates about

Healthcare - we should run the most expensive system or try to get costs inline.
Guns - everyone else controls them and less people die from them. The debate gets no where but you do kill 25,000 people a year with them.
Politics - it cost a billion dollars to run for president, millions to run for a federal or state office, but money doesn't pollute your political system. Its seems hard to find politicians that aren't on the take.
The economy - Thanks for the global financial crash of 2008, and not bringing one bank guy to justice for the trillions of dollars US citizens and the rest of the world lost.

So yes after the 2008 bullshit i got my bank to move all of my investments out of America. They have tripled since then and im about to retire early.

The rest of us are just going to sit back and watch you burn.

P.S. the news will never give you any real answers since they are obsessed with the false need to have both side of every argument, even if one side is stark raving nutz. But you can watch CNN and find out that the only thing happening in the world today is a plane crash in the Indian ocean. And bigfoot/aliens/ the muslin-terrorist-obama conspiracy is to blame for the plane crash.

Comment A Law written by Lobbyists is shelved !! (Score 2) 156

The real issue here is that this entire legislative package was written by the Telcos lobby group, and then pushed into the house. At what pint did we let the politicians off the hook for thinking for themselves, and just taking a corporate payoff. Democracy is destroyed when you let these scumbags corporate thugs write the laws. The only reason this got stopped is the publicity. How often is our democracy stolen by these thieves.

Comment These guys are an easy takedown. (Score 1) 188

They beat up on these guys because they don't have the resources to fight back. Right or wrong in this case is not the issue. A easy win was. HIPPA will not go after a big health care chain, because the chain will spend all the money needed to block these cases. These guys will not back up there words about protecting patients against a biggie. They just want to look like it.

Comment Ask them what their favourite game is. (Score 1) 315

Then do a little dissection into the game. Is it a shooter. some of the best are running on their own created engines, so if you are making models, you usually need an understanding of sculpture, painting, lighting, human anatomy. weaponry needs physics for reactions, math for mass and damage.

Gaming is a damn sight more then just computer programming. you need a lot of other interdisciplinary skills. i know one of the earlier ID employees and Kens skill was sculpting monsters. you need more then just programming. I bet you find the games they like the best are the ones that are the top titles, and they are made to look like complete worlds. so you need to understand how the real world works. get out there and explore it, because if you expect to help create a digital version of it, you better understand how it works.

Comment Re:Liability (Score 2, Informative) 198

Its used in Vancouver to keep the gang bangers out, because right now they are all at war to take control of the blossoming drug trade. In Victoria its used to keep out the small cadre of drunks an malcontents who go from bar to bar to bar just getting more drunk. Its a private bar. If you don't like the fact that you have to provide ID then dont go. You dont have a right to go to the bar. no bar owner gives a shit who you are demographically, they care if you have already been tossed out of another bar this eveining for being a drunk dickhead.

We have an explosion of people in BC who wont accept any responsibility for being dumb. You don't have a right to go out, get drunk, piss on the doorway of someones downtown business, or start keying someones car because you don't like the way it works, or a hundred other complaints we get every weekend evening here.

And i mean here, because i live in Victoria. we just don't have a drunk tank big enough to deal with all of the late night idiots. We are pushing some of the responsibility back on the bars, and this is what they came up. The data is encrypted so its not easy to get to.

Too bad if you think you right to privacy has been violated. GO HOME AND SOBER UP

Comment They used to get it. (Score 5, Informative) 685

A long time ago i used to recommend Norton products. About 2002 / 03 you needed to use a special tool to remove their products in case they failed to operate. That was the point that hidden files kept screwing you up all the time. And they have looked back from that philosophy. I used to do a local radio show, and the phone calls were always " How do i fix this damn thing " Years of bad practices tell use one thing most of all. Stop using any norton product. They will never listen until they take a giant hit to their revenue. Maybe if they return to making real software, instead of spending all this time creating just another update cycle for a revenue stream, they will not change. Your time has a lot of value. Stop wasting it. Dump Norton.

Comment This story is wrong. (Score 1) 455

OK someone needs to do some checking on this before its blindly reported. 1/ The Songwriters association of Canada, is another collective front for the CRIA, the Canadian RIAA. They are a wing of the RIAA so they are just the record companies constant whine about losing money to thieves. A lot of actual recording artists in Canada have left the CRIA becuase they concider them to be greedy corporate trolls, and not helpful to their careers. 2/ Music downloading in Canada is already legal. A leavy is paid on all blank DVDs, CDs, and cassettes, that goes back to the music artists already. except that money is diverted to another group run by the CRIA, and artists see very little of it. The courts have ruled that file downloading of music is already legal, so this arguement is already over. So once again, the recording executives are trying to save their dying industry without actually doing anything for the consumer or the real artist. Trust me, this idea is bullshit, and the folks in the know wont let this turkey go anywhere.

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