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Comment Re:Machine replaces man (Score 1) 101

Do they really? I think speedruns are great, but I don't think that doing that is in any way superior to just playing a game to have fun. In fact, it's really just having fun by abusing the game mechanics to their absolute limits. In fact, when you play a game normally and when you sequence break and glitch your way across the finish line in record time, it's a totally different experience. Different things stick out and different things matter. This is true even if you do your speedruns live.

Comment Re:Triumph of Sensationalism (Score 1) 376

You mean like the bill already on the books that lets the government shut down any communications system they want in the US if there's a "threat of war" that requires less red tape than this one and has never been used? Also, if you have an internet-connected computer and one on a physically separated network in enough proximity that a person could conceivably use both of them that air gap isn't going to do jack as the existing physically separated network has shown. The Civilian net does alright but this is for when what it does now isn't good enough, or when something like anti-collusion laws would prevent something like one company in the same industry protecting another from attack for some reason.

Comment Re:This really scares me (Score 1) 376

If that scares you, wait until you hear what the bill REALLY does... ..oh, it just creates a department (like FEMA or DHS) to help coordinate companies that hold key pieces of our nation's infrastructure in defending them from network-based attacks? And that the "kill switch" everyone is talking about is just the ability to ask congress for the ability to isolate a vulnerable or infected network segment for an incredibly limited amount of time? And there are specific wordings in the law that says the departments goal is to always choose the defense method that causes the least disruption of network services no matter what? MY GOD WILL THEY STOP AT NOTHING?

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