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Comment Re:Rookie mistake (Score 1) 152

So, two rookie mistakes. The actor for entering an unsafe situation, and the operator not making the area safe.

Three mistakes. Whoever designed the door obviously doesn't have any experience with production automation, and didn't have an automated stop to prevent the door from closing if someone wasn't where they were supposed to be. Light curtains, pressure mats, whatever.

Comment Re:could have died != almost died (Score 0) 152

"Andrew Marshall, prosecuting, said the breaches had caused a “risk of death” and that if the emergency stop had not been pressed in time

Why was there only a manual E-stop on it? Something that big and heavy should also have had hidden light curtains or other automated means of stopping it.

Comment Re:Analogue vs Digital, and DRM (Score 1) 533

I'm still not seeing what a Class D amp has to do with this - you can't feed digital data to such an amplifier and expect to get anything but noise out of it. DACs and amplifiers do totally different things, and too many people are under the impression that Class D amplifiers have something to do with digital when they don't. It's just a very efficient, somewhat complex, and completely analog amplification method that works similarly to a switching power supply. Modulate an analog signal such that you're only dealing with two voltage levels, amplify the modulated signal, and filter out the modulation frequency to end up with a higher-voltage/current copy of what went in.

Comment Re:It can be fine... (Score 1) 533

Five, ten years from now, I anticipate we'll all have USB-C headphones (except Apple users, who might have something non-standard), and there will be USB-C ports everywhere, and we'll look back at this thread and laugh.

I don't think so. Comparing the 3.5" TRS connector to USB is apples and oranges - there are a LOT more devices that use the TRS connector for various and sundry things, and those devices aren't going to move to USB-C. This is a smartphone-specific issue with very little overlap elsewhere, and the rest of the world isn't going to standardize on a connector that's far more expensive to implement, doesn't offer any articulable benefits to them, and is often an inappropriate choice.

Comment Re:because it's universal (Score 1) 533

I really can't see how that passed muster, but then, who am I...

If you mean as far as why they released the source listing, then it's probably because that's what lots of manufacturers did back then. Apple also made a fully commented ROM listing for the Apple II available. Even if the listings weren't available, disassembling and figuring out how 8K of assembly code works isn't rocket science.

Comment Re:because it's universal (Score 1) 533

The BIOS did more than just booting the OS (provided disk access, serial/keyboard I/O, basic screen handling, etc.), and decompiling (disassembling, actually) wasn't necessary because IBM published a fully commented source listing. A detailed functional spec was derived from this listing, which was then used to clean-room the code.

Comment Re:Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 1) 533

Most devices made between 1980 and 2005 use really large mechanical 3.5mm jacks that are only secured by solder, so the problem you are describing is exactly that, where the solder joints have been cracked on the PCB jack mount itself.

And this could have been easily avoided by fastening the connector to the board with epoxy so that *it* absorbs the strain instead of the solder joints.

Comment Re:Readability wins every time (Score 1) 239

But I know that I find it weird to look at it the other way around. I want to know if the result was successful, not if successful was the result. Maybe it's an english thing.

I find it kinda weird too, but IMO it's a small price to pay for avoiding bugs that are sometimes pretty difficult to track down. I also tend to add parentheses where they're strictly not needed because I don't count on everyone knowing the rules of precedence. I've seen people get bit by something like "if( i & 0xff == TRUE )" before because they don't remember that in C/C++, "==" is evaluated before bitwise operators.

Comment Re:View from on high (Score 1) 239

Requiring all definitions at the top of the module requires the reader to flip back-and-forth

This is true, but if you define the variable in the middle of something, and it's used somewhere other than just after the definition, you can end up playing hide and seek trying to find the definition, and can sometimes encounter unexpected scoping issues if you're not paying attention. I would probably say that it's better to define them at the beginning of the scope in which they're used.

Comment Re:Public Admission of Stupidity (Score 1) 219

With the annoyingly loud valve chatter of a diesel, but a modern gasoline engine idles nearly silent, and someone in front of a car will not be able to hear the exhause.

This is even true of my 14-year old pickup with a 4.8L gas engine and 135,000+ miles on it. From 20 feet away, practically all you hear of the engine is the fan. Standing at the rear, you can hear a low rumble from the exhaust, but you have to be right on top of it.

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