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Comment Re:"Shows Why We Can't Have Nice Things For Cheap" (Score 1) 185

Costco is actually a very lean operation. They make very little profit on anything they sell, all the profit comes from membership fees. Basically the cost of any product at Costco is their wholesale cost plus about 10% to cover the overhead costs. They typically make anywhere from -0.5% to 0.5% profit on individual items. The cost of a patent battle are large, they could probably afford it but the patent holder is betting they won't want to spend the money.

Comment The Dying Days of the Certificate industry (Score 4, Interesting) 77

If there is one thing the certificate industry has proven it's that you can't trust any of them. The only solution is the automated solutions like the non-profit Let's encrypt have built. You know it's a good cert because only the person in control of the domain could get it. And I'll tell you what even with it's warts I trust it way more than I trust these damn companies that have 4 year olds signing off on certificate procedures and handing certificates to anyone with the cash.

Ultimately it's going to be movements like Let's Encrypt that fix this trust issue by taking it out of the hands of people trying to make a buck on "trust" when none of them could be trusted.

Comment Re:Just a "mine" planted for political games (Score 1) 401

You are apparently unaware of how long it takes a regulatory agency to pass a regulation, and that this timeframe is MANDATED in law. The FCC could not pass this regulation in anything short of YEARS without violating the law.

My bet is they started working on it in year 4 and it made it through the process 3.5 years later. See by Law to even start work on this there are mandatory publication and comment periods that are typically 6 months to a year, often several of them and delays are included before they can do each step. Comments like yours are perfect examples of the ignorance of how government works.

Comment Re:OK in Barstow, but ... (Score 1) 172

That's directional boring and it's different than digging a trench and laying conduit. Boring is done over closed features that can't be opened up and it's typically for very short distances. Digging in a conduit linearly with the road while it's being built is an entirely different circumstance.

With a linear installation you have no idea if the conduit varies too much that pulling becomes a problem until you actually try to pull, this is also dependent on the size of cable, the jacket and pull force allowed. Fiber optics have limited amounts of pull force that can be used because too much force and friction on the jacket can fracture the glass. Your anecdotal knowledge told to you by someone operating a boring machine has no relevance to this type of installation.

Comment Re:OK in Barstow, but ... (Score 4, Interesting) 172

Any conduit not pulled and sealed within a year or two of laying will be worthless. You typically need a junction/pull box about every 1000'. At each of these access points each conduit needs to be sealed off but very rarely are because the guys pulling the conduits expect the guy pulling the cable through will do it. Even if you seal them up you've still got the issue that because you didn't pull a line through it right when you laid the conduit you don't know if the conduit's got to much variation that will prohibit a pull (you cannot lay this stuff perfectly level and straight, you end up with it going up and down and side to side and if it has too much of that you won't be able to pull a cable due to the friction).

When you pull the cable during construction you can verify and fix the conduit before you install the asphalt and close it all up. If you wait you have no idea if the conduit is good until someone tries to pull a cable. Rat's or other rodents will build nests, they'll fill with water and sand, etc, etc, etc. After about 3 years without any cable being pulled you won't be able to get a cable through them and the conduit you installed is worthless. It's far better for cities/counties/states to plan these networks out and use them themselves for traffic operation. Locally our DOT puts in 4 or more conduits every time they lay them for their traffic network and the DOT typically only uses 1 or 2 of them. They then rent the extra conduits to companies. Because the DOT pulled a cable through the conduits during installation and the conduits are in a duct arrangement they know the other conduits are good. In addition because they pulled they also sealed up all the other conduits so critters and debris can't plug the conduit.

I support what the congress critter wants to do but a blanket requirement to install conduits is just dumb, the locals need to be involved and supporting the installation. Forcing a DOT or city to install conduit they themselves won't use is just a plain waste of money,

Comment Re: No complaints here (Score 4, Informative) 373

Antarctic sea is is NOT increasing. Every single person that says this has no fucking idea what they are talking about. Much like the rest of the world Antarctica has winters and summers and ice increases in the winter and decreases in the summer. The winter limits of Antarctic sea ice (ice floating on the ocean which contributes nothing to sea level in either melted or frozen state) are increasing and the summer limits are ever smaller every year with some of the largest calving off of major floating glaciers ever seen in recorded history. In fact we're on the verge of losing an ice shelf that's as big as Rhode island that's been there for 4000 years.

Winter sea ice is increasing because the increased melt water coming off Antarctica has decreased local salinity making it easier for it to freeze. The large winter ice limits are in fact an indication in SUPPORT of global climate change. 99% of people that quote this winter ice limit think it's contradictory evidence to global climate change and they are so misinformed they think they are making some sort of point. The reality is they are actually showing evidence that support it.

This is what scientists deal with, ignorant people with out even the most basic understanding of any of the science let along scientific basics quoting things they heard on talk radio as if it's proof and a valid point of discussion.

Comment Re:John Deere has too many non farmers (Score 3, Informative) 497

Since the arrival of the automobile several federal laws have been passed. The earliest laws prohibited manufacturers from requiring repairs by the dealer, required manufacturers to make parts available and prevented manufacturers from restricting access to repair information and diagrams and also probhited sales contracts that required dealer repairs. In the 70's the Magnuson warranty act prohibited manufactures from voiding warranties for repair work not done by the dealers. In the 90's these laws were expanded to prevent manufacturers from using software as a partial weapon (the software rules should have went much further and prevented any DMCA enforcement and even voided copyright restrictions on modification to equipment you own) to get around the previous restrictions and was included in the emissions law.

Tractors were included in all of these laws excepting the emissions requirements up until a few years ago when the Republican controlled congress deliberately exempted farming equipment with a small change (as part of a unrelated government funding bill) from the prior federal laws. This allowed John Deere to start enforcing all these draconian restrictions that congress had prior to this deliberately prevented and Deere can now can even force purchasers to sign contracts during purchase forcing them to use dealers and even allowing the manufacturer to disable the equipment at a later date as part of these contracts. Prior to the laws revision these contract terms would have been illegal and unenforceable.

The only low information voter is you and your ignorance of federal law that protects you from being forced to use the dealer for your car service. I'd blame the Democrats for this if they'd been involved as I'm NOT a partisan tribalist which to assholes like you means I'm with the opposite tribe. I'd be a millionaire if I got a $1 for every time I'd been accused of being a Democrat or Republican because I've got an opinion on an issue and the relevant tribe is on the other side.

Comment Re:Reactive PR: Amazon caught selling counterfeits (Score 1) 41

Though the negative press is part of the reason the primary motivator is the threat of lawsuits by the brand products. Unlike internet and speech there aren't common carrier rules that exempt the seller from liability for counterfeit merchandise, in fact it's the opposite in the US, the seller is fully liable.

Amazon started to get worried when some of the brands with a penchant for strong legal action against counterfeits started making inquires. These brands are typically high end retail products whose entire value is the brand itself and most of them will sue and have sued in the past. Several of them are actually responsible for Ebay's current anti-counterfeit system because several sued Ebay a few years ago. The negative press adds to the risk that a bunch of brands will get together and go after Amazon for all the counterfeit sales.

Expect a HARD clampdown by any brand that registers with Amazon. They will probably make the system such that the Brand can complain with no evidence and the listing will be removed and the merchant account suspended. This is just Amazon's lawyers realizing the risk counterfeits present to them.

Comment Re:"Harmless chemical"? (Score 1) 41

Everything can kill you including water. Every chemical you put in your body will have side effects. How they evaluate drugs effectiveness if how those side effects measure up against the benefits. A drug that can save the brain after a stroke would be an amazing advance, even if it came at the risk of bleeding. What they will weigh in the following studies is if the benefits the drug provides outweigh the risks of their use. For example, the drugs given after a blood clot (thrombolytics, they disolve clots) can only be given within a few hours of the clot and they carry intense risks, but those risks are worth it within the first few hours after the clot. After the time period the drug is recommended to be given you couldn't get a doctor to give you a dose for all the money in the world because the risks outweigh the potential benefits.

The spider venom if it's successful will likely end up with dosing requirements like these drugs in that they can only be given within a certain time frame of the stroke. If you don't know exactly when the stroke occurred you won't get the drug.

As an aside, the Tunnel web spider in question is the most lethal venom to primates but not other species. It's only animals from the primate genus that have fatal reactions to the venom, you local house cat can play with a tunnel web spider and get bit multiple times and likely won't suffer any permanent damage.

Comment Re:John Deere has too many non farmers (Score 3, Insightful) 497

No John Deere is doing exactly what they planned when they got the GOP congress to put in an obscure clause into a funding bill that exempted Tractors from the repair requirements that automobiles have. This allowed John Deere to completely restrict access to repairs and to have the full force of the law behind them in doing so. With the computerization of all mechanical objects and a little DMCA thrown in they now have complete control over every tractor they've sold.

This was a GOP initiated change to law at the request of John Deere. And it's fucking over their own constituency. Remember that the next time you vote.

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