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Comment Re:ARMing servers. (Score 1) 104

For a damn good reason too. Every single attempt at ARM server has failed, there have been roughly (IIRC) 4 server ARM chips that made it to sampling and all bit the dust shortly afterward when the performance was shown to be abdominal. Personally I believed AMD dropping the effort was a clear indicator that even with all their experience they couldn't build something that would beat x86.

The problem isn't the instruction set, it's all the stuff bolted onto it to try to keep cores fed. Multi-threading isn't actually that common in software, and even when it does exist it's often very poorly optimized and has declining per core performance with every core added, but if you did need a 48 core CPU because you had software that was coded and compiled perfectly so that you can run all 48 cores at full speed you can buy a Intel Phi right now and it runs x86 code without recompiling. The fact is that keeping a lot of cores busy is really hard, it requires a ton of cache and lots of interconnects between cores. This stuff adds a ton of transistors to the chip and eats up your silicon budget really fast.

Don't believe any ARM server is going to succeed until you see the silicon.

Comment Re:without any factual evidence and in criminal ca (Score 2) 57

You are conflating two separate issues. No defendant in a criminal trial can sue the government for compensation for actions taken as part of the prosecution even if they are found not guilty by the jury. There are extremely limited situations under which you can legally sue the government and damages from a criminal prosecution are not one of them. Even in cases of gross negligence. You can sue if you were incarcerated for a long period and found innocent but only for lost wages and only in the states that have allowed that (not all have), the Fed's don't allow compensation in such cases.

The OJ Simpson case did not involve OJ suing anyone for his prosecution, OJ was sued by his victims relatives in civil court even though he was found not guilty in a criminal trial. This is a totally different thing than a defendant suing the government for prosecuting them as the OP stated.

Comment Re:Warranty Support? (Score 2) 183

Though technically true the creditors would have to take action and all indications are the Pebble was out of business, with excessive debt and insufficient revenue to cover costs and the indications are they shopped around for a buyer. The creditors could get the sale reversed but only under the assumption that they can locate a better offer, and one of the components of the deal are gone and can't be recovered (the employees). I read a news article that said Pebble had been shopping themselves around for 2 years.

Comment Re:without any factual evidence and in criminal ca (Score 1) 57

No. Don't be a fucking moron.

If you are prosecuted for a crime and found innocent the government doesn't pay your legal fees, ever. There is no cause of action in a criminal trial for compensation for costs by the defendant. These types of damages are only awarded in civil cases.

Comment Re:Mint 18 Direction (Score 1) 137

That error is clearly referencing the i915 Intel drivers. I can find many similar calls in the Intel GFX Driver documentation.

My bet is you've got a hardware edge case where your monitor or something is coming up before it's expected and it's not responding to the subsequent request. As was suggested to you on the intel forums you need to make contact with the intel developers and see if they can troubleshoot it. Or if you don't want to waste a bunch of your time you can boot, then reboot after getting the error.

Comment Re:I don't get it. (Score 1) 137

Except for the unpatched kernel vulnerabilities because they keep using an out of track non-LTS kernel. Maybe that's changed since the last big kernel exploit that went unpatched for 18months on Mint but the project has an atrocious record on security and no matter how much you like it you shouldn't ignore the warts it's got.

Comment Re:Impressive (Score 1) 177

One of the nice things about solar from a long term cost perspective is that other than cleaning the panels periodically and fixing electrical problems you have almost no labor so operating costs are almost non-existent compared to fossil fuels. This often makes up for the lower capacity factor. Your average coal fired power plant has a round the clock (3 shifts) of dozens of people working in the plant feeding coal, removing ash, making repairs and monitoring the steam generators. Coal plants are massive mechanical engines and they require constant maintenance adding a significant labor component to the price along with the cost of the fuel.

$1 a watt for panel prices (not installed like this plant) was always the place that economists predicted that solar would be competitive with other forms of generation even with a lower capacity factor because their are almost no input costs to run. At $1 installed there is little other generating capacity other than wind (also no labor or fuel) that can compete effectively. The ROI on solar and wind now significantly exceed coal and other generation tech which is why so much money is flooding construction for these types of plants.

Comment Re: bah humbug global warming (Score 1) 235

Coral cannot survive in water above a certain temperature threshold. If water temperatures sustain the coral may never recover. If the northern reaches of the BGR (those that are the closest to the equator) end up with unsurvivable water temperatures the coral in those areas will die off permanently.

Comment Re:Not worried (Score 1) 93

The fact is the commercial launch industry is blossoming in the US. By 2020 we're going to have active competition between at least 3 separate companies to launch and reuse main rockets A reusable rocket should plummet launch costs and within a year or two all commercial launch contracts (non state) will be going up on American privately designed and launched rockets because it will be 10x cheaper than anything else out there. SpaceX is on target to start reusing rockets by 2022 and has a failure rate that's significantly lower than any of the state run and funded launch companies. Blue Horizon is right there with them but hasn't actually done any commercial launches yet and there are several other competitors.

If these predictions hold true the only things Russia will be launching will be their own satellites they don't have the money for. Without the commercial business they've been getting they will need to subsidize their rocket program even more and the funding cuts already in place are going to decrease quality and increase accidents which severely increases insurance costs which will make them even more competitive. By 2030 I won't be surprised if ULA and Arienspace are out of business and Russia is launching one or two rockets a year.

Comment Re:iPhone (Score 2) 66

When you buy that similar phone on contract from your carrier for $200 you are paying that plus about 20%. Monthly cellular costs are vastly inflated by the monthly charge this adds to the bill. As an example, a typical no frills family plan for two people is going to cost you around $120 with all the taxes. I'm paying roughly $70 with GoogleFi because they don't add in the phone costs automatically and when you do request the payment plan and they do include the cost it's properly itemized and only you pay it not every subscriber. And though I paid $870x2 upfront my monthly bill is $50 cheaper. In two years I'll have paid significantly less then if I'd gotten the same thing using the standard pay $2-300 per phone upfront and pay an extra $50 a month for two years.

Though I would have preferred a price that was as cheap as the Nexus phones the Pixel in my opinion is worth the cost even given the negatives (no SD card). And Google Fi make it even better.

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