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Comment Re:Still can't admit it was a design flaw (Score 1) 70

0.1mm clearance to the surrounding metal plate with edges that dug into the battery if it expanded more than 0.1mm was enough? Did you even look at the outside analysis. 0.1mm isn't enough for normal non-battery thermal expansion. Lithium batteries swell when charging and discharging, as much as 5% and 0.1mm wasn't even close to enough.

Normal charge/discharge at thermally controlled rates would have exceeded 0.1mm. After a few cycles the metal plate's ridges would have poked holes in the battery and started bridging anode/cathode causing a runaway discharge along with a runaway thermal event. We call those runaway thermal events fires. Every competent designer familiar with Lith-ion expansion characteristics said the 0.1mm was way too small for a device that's going to be charging and discharging so frequently and so often.

Comment Re: News for Nazis (Score 1) 828

There is a reason America has opposed anything but a two-state solution. If Israel truly embarks on this path and is supported by America they will create a true apartheid state. People without citizenship in the nation they live in, separate and unequal systems of government and police action.

If Trump allows Israel to annex the west bank without making every Palestinian Israeli citizens he'll be responsible for the creation of a new apartheid state. The world would react very badly to this turn of events and it would likely spiral into war.

Comment Re:News for Nazis (Score 4, Insightful) 828

I seem to remember shortly after Obama was inaugurated that Republican members of congress made it their goal to make him a failed president, opposed him in every action, voted against anything he supported and basically did everything in their power to oppose anything and everything he tried to do. It's interesting that those same republicans and their supporters now get their panties in a wad when the shoe is on the other foot.

It's all fine and dandy to want cooperation and working together but that requires that both sides do it. The republican's made it clear that this divided government thing is the way things will run in the future. It's up to them to fix that by going across the aisle and working with democrats not steam rolling them.

Comment Re:He's certainly *different* in many ways (Score 5, Interesting) 828

Good includes the fact that he's not dependent on campaign contributors like almost all major politicians are.

Yea he said that, you believed him apparently but he still raised funds, he still holds the $500 a plate "dinners" and cavorts with all the same people. Your belief in his outsiderness is misplaced.

Comment Re: Not a single time traveler? (Score 5, Interesting) 828

Yea right. And Timothy McVeigh wasn't a right wing Militia member that blew up a building and killed an entire daycare's worth of kids.

There's plenty of nutjobs on both sides, what you are doing is attempting to make yourself feel better about your political choices by demonizing the other side. This dehumanizes them and allows you to make ridiculous statements like the above post. The people in charge like it when you do this because it divides people and allows the people in charge to pit the people against each other to their own benefit.

Comment Re:... and that's bad, why? (Score 3, Informative) 304

That would depend on what's generating more money. What the studio's want is to have their cake and eat it too, in other words they want disc sales and streaming sales. Practically what that means is they will simply delay streaming availability until a certain number of months after the DVD/BluRay is available so as to capture both revenue streams. Several of the studio's already do this.

Comment Re:Smoking gun of theft or go home (Score 1) 136

When Zenimax's lawyers talk about all this stolen "IP" they aren't pointing to specific code that was stolen. The entire case revolves around this idea that the Rift couldn't have been developed without Carmack and they own everything in Carmack's head. This is a hallmark of a claim that has no evidence and it's backed up by their claim of destruction of evidence which means they didn't find any stolen information during discovery (so of course it must have been destroyed). Such claims usually precede the case being dismissed for lack of evidence. Facebook's lawyers will likely move for dismissal for lack of evidence within days.

The first rule when looking at any legal case isn't to look at what the lawyers are arguing exclusively but to also look at what they are not arguing. They lawyers haven't listed a single line of code stolen and backed up by discovery, their claims lack any specificity and revolve solely around John having worked for them in the past (and claims that Palmer couldn't have developed this himself, claims with no evidence) and at this point in the case the lack of specificity is a death note for the case. All the Facebook lawyers need to do is stand in front of the Jury and ask where is the evidence of all these fantastic claims because there isn't any or Zenimax wouldn't be making the destruction of evidence claim.

In case you aren't aware a successful destruction of evidence claim allows the Judge to instruct the Jury that they should assume a lack of evidence should be inferred to be in the plaintiff's favor with the Jury taking the plaintiff's claims at face value. But you can't win a destruction of evidence claim without evidence of the destruction. Something they haven't demonstrated. These claims are almost always a hail mary to try to win a case where there isn't any evidence and the plaintiff is sure to lose without such a finding.

Comment Re: This is an interesting case (Score 2) 136

The way you should look at any court case is what the lawyers aren't talking about. First they aren't talking about copyright, they keep taking about IP, a nebulous term with no legal meaning. They aren't talking about a contract between Zenimax and Carmac that gives them ownership of anything he developed because no such contract exists. And most important of all they are talking about destruction of evidence because they didn't find any evidence in discovery to talk about instead. Usually a destruction of evidence claim proceeds the case being thrown out for lack of evidence.

Comment Re:I heard about this in South Park (Score 0) 305

PTSD isn't just from war numb nuts. It can happen from anything that you can't get out of your mind and begins to interfere with everything. From your comments you clearly don't have any idea what PTSD is. Which given how well the military treats it isn't surprising at all. But I suppose it's a step up from the 40's where we simply shot the sufferers as cowards.

That's what you are, a slight step up from someone that shoots people for cowardice for severe psychological trauma, and you should remember that, every single time you comment about PTSD.

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