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Comment Re:No! (Score 1) 266

Probably a lot, right? And it would take forever to pay back

I didn't know 10 years was forever. Goodness. Just installed solar panels, payback is 10 years at my current average 14.5 cents per kwh. That's payback, which is a ROI of more than 10%. On top of that I'm guaranteed an additional 15 years of power for free. After the 25 year warranty expires I'lll get an unknown number of years additional power for free, probably the rest of my lifetime.

It's frankly amazing how many people know exactly diddly squat about solar.

Comment Re:Correcting myself (Score 2) 703

Demand to be heard for what? The Engineering board has nothing to do with signal timing. Their sole function is licensing professional engineers. He wants to talk signal timing he should be talking to the people who own the signals, the cities, counties and state departments of transportation.

Comment Re:Yeah... but no. (Score 2) 703

The engineering board does one thing, they license engineers. That's it, sending them a letter about anything while claiming in the letter to be an engineer is the equivalent of claiming to be any type of registered professional directly to the people that do the registering. It's beyond strange. This is like going before a judge and claiming to be a lawyer, that'll get you jail and a fine.

Comment Re:I hope he wins his suit (Score 5, Insightful) 703

He mailed the engineering board, the licensing authority, NOT the people in charge of traffic lights or having anything to do with them. Either he was trying to get fined by claiming to be an engineer or he's a fucking moron.

Some states have very strict licensing laws with regard to the term engineer, other restrict that to the term professional engineer. Nevada blocked Novell "engineers" from claiming they are such. The law on this is pretty settled, the guy is going to be lucky to pay that fine, by claiming he was an engineer directly to the licensing board he opened himself to the boards authority and they have the authority to incarcerate engineers under their authority and they can levy some pretty hefty fines.

I still can't figure out why he mailed anything to the engineering board. They have nothing at all to do with traffic lights, their sole purpose is engineering licensing. He mailed them a letter claiming to be an engineer. He might as well have mailed the bar claiming to be a lawyer or the medical licensing board claiming to be a medical doctor. That's how stupid what he did was.

Comment Re:He is an idiot... (Score 5, Insightful) 307

Hate to break it to you but the Fed government is far to harder to corrupt than your local government. Your state and local government is corrupt almost without exception because relatively small amounts of money in coordination with non-existent oversight and ethics can buy just about every local politician and even law enforcement. To the point that your local government was bought and sold long before you were even born.

There is one power I'd like to see drastically expanded and that's the power of Federal law enforcement to monitor and prosecute corrupt local politicians and police agencies (I'd also like to see a similar nonpartisan office at the federal level going after federal corruption). Our founders thought local government would be more accountable and it is in some regard, but it's far easier to corrupt and it is corrupt in almost every state in the union, usually to the benefit of Property developers or other locals with money.

It's precisely because of that local corruption that the Fed's have had to step into many things they shouldn't be involved in.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 68

They'd be foolish to try to enforce it because the judge was negligent in determining if he/she had jurisdiction. The court clearly didn't have jurisdiction in this case, it was a US charity posting on a US server to a US audience and too boot the complaint is that it caused US based companies to react. There wasn't a thing in this lawsuit that involved Australia and the judge should have thrown it out for lack of jurisdiction.

But regardless no US court is going to enforce anything related to this as the case clearly violates US speech rights. This was the exact intent of the SPEECH act, to prevent just this type of bullshit.

Comment Re:A very negative spin (Score -1, Flamebait) 83

Oh ma gawd. The press is in it for the clicks???

Who knew, it's amazing how totally surprising this is and how there was no gradual slide to this as papers and real reporting fell to web publications who make their money not on subscriptions but on web advertising where getting people to look at the page is all that matters.

Like Trump you need to grow the fuck up, this exists because of the way we pay for these news services now. The system totally encourages them to do whatever it takes to get clicks because that's how they get paid. This is the press we've created and you should stop fucking complaining about it or do something about it and subscribe to real news services so they don't need to rely on web advertising.

Or you can be a whiney bitch like the president and complain about the press while being part of the problem, your choice.

Comment Re:Taxes are for dummies (Score 1) 903

If it took the 59 cruise missiles and not the request/promise to raise military spending 50 billion to be paid for by Meals on Wheels and other extremely cheap and very effective government programs you were missing the entire picture of what Trump is. Trumps no more isolationist than Bush.

Comment Re:I demand More Tax (Score 5, Interesting) 903

The rich can leave, or at least move their wealth to somewhere the government can't reach.

Some do, most don't because they value a safe western society where property rights are respected and the second there is conflict or a threat the ones that did leave come running right back to the US. Personally I'd like to see stricter rules on this, you take your money and leave to avoid taxes and the government isn't responsible to repatriot you when the inevitable conflict brings them running back.

You want the benefits of living in a protected western economy you should have to pay the taxes to support that.

Comment Re:Taxes are for dummies (Score 5, Insightful) 903

And the most important bit is that the 47% paying no Federal Income taxes (a single tax) are in fact paying far higher percentages of their earnings in the remaining taxes than the richest people pay. No one is exempt from the 15% SS/Medicare/Medicaid taxes, everyone pays state income/sales taxes, property taxes, gas taxes, etc. The tax burden of the average person in Romney's "47%" is more than 50% of their income (the true working poor can have tax rates as high as 60-70% if they live in a state that taxes food) while people like Romney are paying 0-15% taxes if they pay any at all.

That level of dishonesty is infuriating because it's deliberately obscuring the truth with a lie by omission. The working poor aren't lazy people not paying taxes, they pay higher percentages of taxes than just about anyone else.

Comment Re:Taxes are for dummies (Score 5, Insightful) 903

Nobody with a paycheck pays 0%. Anyone that says that willfully disregards Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid taxes which are NOT exempted under any circumstance. Anyone making a paycheck is paying at a minimum the 15% social security and Medicare taxes. The lovely dishonesty about your claim is it's kinda true if you specifically narrow the count to a specific tax, 40% pay no federal income tax in addition to the SS and Medicare/Medicaid taxes.

You and Romney should get together and have lunch because you're being as dishonest as him in claiming 40% don't pay taxes, everyone earning a wage pays taxes including illegal imigrants who often pay social security and Medicare taxes but will never benefit from them.

Comment Re:Thanks Trump (Score 1) 99

If they still have an old analog 2G phone they aren't making any phone calls because the entire system was turned off a year ago which is the event that triggered the FCC/FAA to have a deregulation hearing on whether to still ban phone calls, exactly as they should have.

But Thanks to Donald Trump we don't have to worry about sensible safety based restrictions, we get to go with jack booted government thugs dictating that you cannot use a harmless device because someone could get annoyed.

This should be up to the airlines to decide, not regulatory authority that's no longer needed.

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