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Comment Re:Impressive (Score 1) 176

One of the nice things about solar from a long term cost perspective is that other than cleaning the panels periodically and fixing electrical problems you have almost no labor so operating costs are almost non-existent compared to fossil fuels. This often makes up for the lower capacity factor. Your average coal fired power plant has a round the clock (3 shifts) of dozens of people working in the plant feeding coal, removing ash, making repairs and monitoring the steam generators. Coal plants are massive mechanical engines and they require constant maintenance adding a significant labor component to the price along with the cost of the fuel.

$1 a watt for panel prices (not installed like this plant) was always the place that economists predicted that solar would be competitive with other forms of generation even with a lower capacity factor because their are almost no input costs to run. At $1 installed there is little other generating capacity other than wind (also no labor or fuel) that can compete effectively. The ROI on solar and wind now significantly exceed coal and other generation tech which is why so much money is flooding construction for these types of plants.

Comment Re: bah humbug global warming (Score 1) 235

Coral cannot survive in water above a certain temperature threshold. If water temperatures sustain the coral may never recover. If the northern reaches of the BGR (those that are the closest to the equator) end up with unsurvivable water temperatures the coral in those areas will die off permanently.

Comment Re:Not worried (Score 1) 93

The fact is the commercial launch industry is blossoming in the US. By 2020 we're going to have active competition between at least 3 separate companies to launch and reuse main rockets A reusable rocket should plummet launch costs and within a year or two all commercial launch contracts (non state) will be going up on American privately designed and launched rockets because it will be 10x cheaper than anything else out there. SpaceX is on target to start reusing rockets by 2022 and has a failure rate that's significantly lower than any of the state run and funded launch companies. Blue Horizon is right there with them but hasn't actually done any commercial launches yet and there are several other competitors.

If these predictions hold true the only things Russia will be launching will be their own satellites they don't have the money for. Without the commercial business they've been getting they will need to subsidize their rocket program even more and the funding cuts already in place are going to decrease quality and increase accidents which severely increases insurance costs which will make them even more competitive. By 2030 I won't be surprised if ULA and Arienspace are out of business and Russia is launching one or two rockets a year.

Comment Re:iPhone (Score 2) 66

When you buy that similar phone on contract from your carrier for $200 you are paying that plus about 20%. Monthly cellular costs are vastly inflated by the monthly charge this adds to the bill. As an example, a typical no frills family plan for two people is going to cost you around $120 with all the taxes. I'm paying roughly $70 with GoogleFi because they don't add in the phone costs automatically and when you do request the payment plan and they do include the cost it's properly itemized and only you pay it not every subscriber. And though I paid $870x2 upfront my monthly bill is $50 cheaper. In two years I'll have paid significantly less then if I'd gotten the same thing using the standard pay $2-300 per phone upfront and pay an extra $50 a month for two years.

Though I would have preferred a price that was as cheap as the Nexus phones the Pixel in my opinion is worth the cost even given the negatives (no SD card). And Google Fi make it even better.

Comment Re:Someone needs to tell him.... (Score 2) 600

Your mistake is believing that Trump understands how government works. This would be a common error as his supporters likely believe he does as well. He probably believes that as president he has unlimited authority to do things our constitution doesn't allow him to do. He does have authority to change how government works a little bit, but he doesn't have the authority to unilaterally withdraw the US from ratified treaties or any of the 99% of things he's promised.

Hell he might actually understand that, but liars will promise you the moon then blame someone else when they can't deliver.

Comment Re:Is the US a democracy or a dictatorship? (Score 1) 600

Your assumption that the Republican's would back not ratifying TPP belies the record. Democrats have been the opposition to TPP with the republican's in congress being it's advocate. Obama's and Clinton's support for TPP were actually in opposition to the bulk of the Democratic party.

Comment Re:Do you now realize why Trump won? (Score 0) 600

Actually Trump's plan is fuck everyone, including the US labor market. Any change in trade policy creates winners and losers. The losers with the past deals were some low end blue collar jobs and the winners were the high end labor market and white collar jobs like engineering, banking, etc. The US is a world leader in engineering and services based economies and we've accomplished that by trading low end manufacturing jobs for high paid engineering type jobs.

Trade policies, like those advocated by Trump, will result in job losses in the white collar jobs. They are also likely to trigger trade wars that result in losses across the board. Even if you want to bring factories back to the US there is no way to do so overnight, by triggering a trade war you shutoff the white collar jobs and at _best_ those blue collar jobs might return in 5 years (it can take from 5-10 years for manufacturing jobs to move). Usually what actually happens is the white collar jobs are decimated and the blue collar jobs don't ever come back because the economy goes into major recession when the white collar jobs are lost.

Not that I think he'll change trade policy, he's going to be a re-run of the Bush administration. If Congress hasn't ratified by the TPP by the time he gets there he could revoke it but he doesn't have the authority without congressional action to terminate the TPP if Congress has already ratified it (the constitution holds ratified treaties on the same level as the constitution and the president cannot withdraw from ratified treaties without approval of congress). My bet is that he'll change little to nothing on trade policy and like the Bush administration he'll pursue a policy of tax-cuts and increased deficit spending.

Comment Re:Click bait much? (Score 1) 171

They aren't stopping anyone from selling the phones. They are simply saying doing so violates their TOS and they won't provide you software services anymore. They are under no obligation to provide software services and by violating their TOS you take the risk that they decide not to provide those services. That's the risk you take when you aren't a paying customer, Google's customers are their advertisers, not you.

Comment Re:Weird Soviet reversal (Score 4, Informative) 742

This has been pointed out a hundred times. There are MULTIPLE INDEPENDENT groups with the name La Raza. The judge was the member of a legal professional organization in California, not the Florida one you are claiming. They aren't connected and the claim that they are the same comes from the alt-right white nationalist groups.

Comment Thrown under the bus? (Score 3, Insightful) 16

They weren't "thrown under the bus". They allowed their credentials to be stolen and used. The rest of the banking world isn't obligated to protect a central bank from their own lax security. Those credentials should have been guarded with the highest security possible and a full time team of personal dedicated to monitoring and protecting those credentials, like every other nation on earth.

They want to blame everyone else for their own mistake, and just like every third world nation they pointed their fingers at the US for not stopping a transaction that was originated with the central bank's credentials. The fault was theirs and theirs alone. The system worked exactly as it should have, no other bank or country should be questioning or blocking transactions initiated by the central bank of another nation.

Comment Better plan for the economic consequences.... (Score 1, Insightful) 2837

DOW Futures were down almost a 1000 points when it looked like Trump might actually win because of all the idiots voting for 3rd parties. Expect a significant stock market crash tommorow, by the time he takes office the ecomomy is going to be in recession unless he repudiates his threats to reneg on the existing free trade agreements and other economic suicide policies he's promissed to implement to placate the ignorant. He's scared the business community so badly that most companies will halt investments, within a month layoffs will start because everyone is holding back waiting to see how badly he fucks up trade and the economy. Negative views like this become self fullfiling in very short order because emotion drives the market.

The great recession that Obama narrowly stopped turning into a full depression is going to cycle back around. And just like Bush's first term when R's controlled both houses they will cut taxes, increase spending and sink the countries future. But maybe we'll get lucky and he'll start a nuclear war because someone insulted him.

Comment Re:Cost of the target. (Score 1) 303

Navy's don't throw lead at each other anymore because a missile can do 10x the damage with 1000x the accuracy. Ballistic fired lead can be easily avoided with standard naval countermeasure steering (random changes in direction) making it essentially worthless in naval battles. Even 16" guns can be negated with as little as 18" of reinforced concrete that the battleship could unload every shell in their arsenal into without penetrating making the big guns essentially worthless for land bombardment. Big balls of lead are worthless, that's why all the real munitions these days are missiles with shaped charges or other hi-tech warheads.

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