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Comment Re:Dry Counties? (Score 2) 484

I'm posting anonymously on purpose. I work in Scottsbluff, Nebraska and in my profession need to work with various law enforcement agencies. What they have been telling me is that since Colorado legalized pot, they have seen a huge increase in people bringing pot into the state. That is the difference from a dry to wet county.

Now, the folks they are stopping are being stopped for other things first, such as speeding. These folks also aren't bringing back a little for themselves. They bring so much that it's obvious that it's for sale. I know of one stop earlier this year near Kimball, Nebraska of folks that were trying to take pot back to Minnesota to sell.

You have no clue what you are talking about. The prices of "legitimate" cannabis purchased in Colorado are around 35% higher than black market cannabis you can purchase in neighboring states due to increased overhead and high taxation levels. While I have absolutely no doubt in my mind there is an uptick in college kids carrying across a single ounce or two, no dealer or wholesaler in their right mind would procure from the legitimate market and transport vs. obtaining it on the black market or producing it themselves. The math simply does not work unless you somehow found people willing to pay a 50-100% markup over the existing black market in their state.

Comment Re:Stop the emotion, use logic next time. (Score 1) 362

The only part of this making it at all an unusual situation, Silicon Valley has decided to offer them on a regular basis to tech workers as a job perk, thereby filling a glaring gap in SF's public transit system.

this so called gap is *because* companies built their "campuses" away from existing public transit infrastructure as it was much cheaper to do so
the tech buses will always have some negative externalities associated with them

Comment Re:Why ban? (Score 1) 511

Why not just shuffle anyone detected cheating into a separate game room? If they're paying customers, then they can all cheat together, and everyone wins.

because even having the perception that you would allow cheating causes casual players to flee and never spend another dime.

i understand that your suggestion would be ideal, but in practice drives customers away.

Comment Re:undetectable to the naked eye (Score 1) 398

Yeah, but could that be sustained? So you hand out $1M in $20 bills and send 10 guys out shopping for computers and cameras and junk. Now you have a warehouse full of consumer stuff in boxes. Now you have to open up an ebay store just to unload all of it, and you've made $200k. Are you going to repeat next weekend?

one kilogram of gold that would literally fit in your pocket is worth upwards of $40,000 at current market price

my point is that the most important thing for the criminals is actually getting away with the crime, not getting the highest value possible for the money

Comment Re:undetectable to the naked eye (Score 1) 398

Counterfeit money like this isn't used to buy a soda at a gas station. They produce it in bulk and it generally gets used overseas in currency exchanges, where they ultimately launder the fake stuff into real stuff.

*then* they go buy a soda at a gas station.

maybe this happens on a one-off basis with some extremely under the radar places, but this would be an insane method to attempt to unload any more than a hundred thousand.

as the marginal cost for fake money is almost zero, they are likely converting into tangible goods that can be resold for clean money.

a team could easily buy $250k worth of precious metals / high end electronics at flea markets or craigslist in a weekend in NYC

Comment IP addresses have nothing at all to do with this (Score 1) 88

Proxy servers have nothing to do with this, it has everything to do with how they determine your location.

They triangulate your location using the closest cell phone towers, and get your position that way. The problem with this is that for the 300,000+ people in Jersey City or Hoboken, the strongest cell tower may be located in New York City where internet gaming is illegal, and you get shut out of using the services. Same goes for the people in Camden that may get a signal indicating they are in Philadelphia.

Yes this can be easily defeated by buying a Tracfone and leaving it at a friends house + VPN, but for non tech savvy people this is a huge deal. In Nevada when they implemented this is wasn't really a problem because besides Lake Tahoe, barely any of the population lives right on the border next to a large population center.

Comment The majority of new games have Online Multiplayer (Score 1) 572

So to a person in a position of power at Microsoft, this is a very straightforward progression to tie the game experience into some kind of server-side authentication scheme

Coming up with some anecdotes about how SOME people don't have the luxury of an always on internet connection does not change this

I am not defending DRM, but I do believe the next step the console industry will take is widespread single-use codes to lock out used games on top of the line Titles (because of the success EA has had with it on Madden), and that always-on DRM is still a little ways off from being the industry standard for everything

Comment Re:WTF is this doing on MY slashdot? (Score 2) 757

Second, the D team is offering no plan at all to deal with the elephant in the room. The ginormous deficit and rampant spending. Obama promised to cut the deficit in half and instead doubled it

Without being dishonest, explain why offering large tax cuts for the wealthy somehow solves the problem of the deficit?

"Deficits are too high" is a red herring for selfish pricks that are too cowardly to actually say what they mean.

Paul Ryan was elected on a platform of fiscal responsibility, and one of the first things he did after taking office was to support legislation attempting to criminalize forms of already widely accepted birth control.

Comment Re:So from here on out ... (Score 1) 2416

LOL at the idea of you being apathetic enough to stay home on election day, but somehow this motivates you enough to vote.

the vast majority of people that would be upset by this, would already have been voting for Romney in the first place.

be upset all you want by the ruling, but dont think for a minute that anybody is convinced by your fake indignation, clown.

Comment Re:It's self-promotion .... (Score 1) 181

It's a matter of their priorities. They waste 2 years and countless amounts of time and resources to bust a mere 26 carders?

Why does the number of people busted matter to you?

Isn't the amount of compromised numbers a far more relevant figure?

One person selling 400,000 stolen cards vs 100 people selling those same 400,000 cards will hypothetically result in the same amount of theft

Comment Schilling is a coward (Score 2) 137

That gladly preaches on behalf of Republican Senator Scott Brown for supposedly smaller government, all the while sticking his greedy hands out for as much government subsidized $$$ as he could muster as a "world series hero"

all government spending is evil in his hypocritical world, unless you're a clown that pissed away $75 million in taxpayer money so he could play video game developer

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