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Comment Re:Hard to read (Score 1) 402

Speaking of snowflakes, there seem to be a lot of the conservative variety lately. One particularly particularly unique specimen can be found in some tacky beach resort or out on the golf course and I assume, sometimes in the oval office.

As for the press conference, I couldn't even read through the transcript. There is no way I could watch 80 minutes of incoherent rambling. I'm giving a 90 minute talk tomorrow afternoon. I would be rightly fired if its quality matched POTUS appalling display. Then again, I'm speaking to engineers, not the riled up classroom of 4th graders who support Trump.

Comment Re:Echo-chamber fake news (Score 1) 402

The media is not a monolithic entity, but composed of tens of thousands of people each with their own agenda and subject to those rules and agendas of their thousands of editors and hundreds parent organizations from dozens of countries... Just like it has always been, which is why accusations raised about "the media" have always been silly distractions by scheming assholes attempting to support their own agenda.

Comment Re:Hard to read (Score 1) 402

why do people craft narratives out of nothing?

90%+++ of people voted the ticket they would voted with ANY D or R candidates. 10% did not. A few hundred thousand made a difference.

There is zero evidence for your narrative. It should not be used to drive policy in America. Done.

Comment Re:Base load (Score 1) 194

Your epistemological deflection doesn't hide the fact you are wrong about the basic universality of macro thermodynamics, but it was a nice try. You have further documented your missing thinking in this latest post. Your physics undergrad is cute, but fortunately our respective training on the subject is not an authority here :-) As for your request, I already suggested you will find your problem in any introductory engineering text on the subject. But I think you would be better served by "Understanding Thermodynamics" by Van Ness. Its a very simple text that ought to clear up your sophomoric thinking.

Comment Re:Base load (Score 1) 194

Thermodynamics sets out some basic laws that govern all practical energy transformations, such as a heat engines, chemical reactions, or the use of any system that does "work" to move water against gravity or friction (pumping). All energy transformations can be cast in terms of the relationship between heat and work as outlined in your article; I suggest you study your source material and follow up on the the article titled "Thermal Efficiency". If you were trained in thermodynamics in an engineering or science program, you should consult your course provider because they failed to teach the single most important aspect of the subject: its generality. If you haven't been trained in the subject, don't sweat it. Thermo isn't as easy as it seems. Any undergraduate text in the subject will give you examples exposing this missing detail in your thinking.

Comment Re:Big battery will put a stop to this (Score 1) 218

The grid has been betting on capacitor-based storage so far, since they're not seeing anything else coming along.

No it isn't. OR rather which grid? We have about 10 major "grids" in North America, or at least decision making entities you might refer to as the grid. I'm not aware of any one of them who is "betting" on capacitor-based storage over batteries, hydro, or a number of other technologies.

Comment Re:islam as a threat (Score 1) 214

I'm aware of barbarism espoused by more than one holy text... and have at least a casual enough familiarity with the history of Islam and terrorism to identify your references as well as the major sectarian conflicts that have plagued the religion for centuries, including the the strife between Muslims and other cultures in Africa and SE Asia. I'm also aware that the vast majorities of people of faith do not adhere to these specific doctrines.

I see nothing in this comment that constitutes a threat. Let alone one that deserves more attention and resources than anything I outlined above.

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