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Comment Re:My business went Linux, then back to Windows (Score 1) 557


There's no doubt that linux game support has improved, but they're still a tiny minority. This is the list of 2016's best selling games in the US:

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Battlefield 1
The Division
NBA 2K17
Madden NFL 17
Grand Theft Auto V
Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Final Fantasy XV

Guess how many have linux ports?

Comment How does KDE compare to Cinnamon? (Score 1) 89

After years of threats, I finally managed to eliminate all the apps that were tying me to a Windows 7 desktop or a Macbook workstation. I've used Linux heavily for years, but never as my desktop OS. It was always my app, web, or build server, and I'd interact with the machine via bash over SSH.

Now that I'm on a Linux desktop, I'm fairly comfortable with Mint's 'Cinnamon' UI, which I understand is a forked version of Gnome 2.

Normally, if I wanted to experiment with a new UI, I'd just dive in, but I'm still in the phase of building my expectations and lists of needs. (Do I really need Sublime or will Gedit suffice? How do I change that default icon for Firefox to one I'm more likely to recognize?)

Does KDE offer me any great advantages over Cinnamon or Gnome? Any of you more experienced desktop aficionados have an opinion you'd care to share with a relative novice?

Comment Re:this is all very odd (Score 2) 22

For anything expensive, sure. But this isn't for that - the buttons are for things you already use, already have decided you like, and don't want to have to think about running out of. I have one for trash bags, for example. I don't need to spend time thinking about trash bags, I just need more to magically appear when I'm nearly out.

It's a convenience, nothing more.

Comment Not so much for iOS (Score 2) 81

It's worth pointing out that iOS doesn't allow apps to access the MAC, IMEI or any other persistent unique ID field (for just this reason). There is a unique ID field designed for apps to use for device identification but it is generated by the device on a per application basis, so it cannot be correlated with other apps. It also changes if you reinstall the app. Both of these facts make it fairly useless for nefarious purposes.

Comment Re:Translation of the headline: (Score 1) 94

How on earth would Microsoft "thoroughly integrate" something so that "you can't uninstall or or disable it" on a platform owned and controlled by Google. You know, their competitor? Feel free to continue using your phone of choice but at least have a basic understanding of something before jerking your knees so hard you knock the table over.

Comment Re:Matter of time (Score 1) 148

Console games are $60 (at least in the US). It's also easy to get them for less than that, as an Amazon Prime or Best Buy subscriber you can get them for $48 on release day. I'm also not sure where your $40 figure comes from, everything I can find points to the prices being considerably higher. For example, this article looks at game pricing over history and concludes they're cheaper now than ever (adjusting for inflation).

You are right about phones, but I'd say that the specs of the top end phones have also gone up way faster than "inflation" (whatever that means in these terms) - so comparing "top of the line" then with now is not necessarily fair.

Comment Re:I don't get it... but maybe I'm not supposed to (Score 1) 116

Your numbers are crap. Yes, the Wii outsold basically everything, it was a huge hit. It was also TEN YEARS AGO. Yes the DS/3DS sell great, no doubt. But in the current home console space Nintendo are failing spectacularly.

According to Nintendo themselves, the Wii U has sold 13.4 million units worldwide. Sony and Microsoft don't publish hard numbers, but most estimates have the Xbox One at around 25 million and PS4 at around 49 million. Or a total "not Nintendo" of 74 million. This is despite the Wii U launching a full year earlier than the Xbox One and PS4.

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