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Comment Re:So Much for the Pro or Prosumer Market (Score 1) 675

Which high end cameras are using proprietary USB cables? I know all my Canon's use standard USB connectors, so I can just swap out the cable. And honestly, I've always carried a card reader with me because there was never a CF slot in a macbook :)

But you're totally right, with these updates Apple seem very confused as to who their customer is. They keep saying pro, but as a pro (be it photographer, or developer, or whatever) I need compatibility and flexibility. Only having one type of port (and a fairly rare one at that) is neither. Those Surface Books are looking mighty nice.

Comment Re:Use Android, root and XPrivacy (Score 1) 109

Simpler solution - buy an iPhone. iOS doesn't allow apps to access the mic in the background - period. Even Siri can't do it unless you specifically allow it _and_ the phone is plugged in for power. Hell with very few exception iOS doesn't allow _anything_ to run in the background - and I'm pretty sure I here Android fans bleating about that from time to time too.

Or sure, you could get an Android and spend all day installing hacks and patches.

Sometimes the willful ignorance exhibited by people who have some religious affiliation to a fucking operating system is quite remarkable to behold.

Comment Re:War is coming (Score 1) 315

So their big move is to cut off his internet access - despite the fact that will have precisely zero effect on anything? Do you think the "elites" (weren't they the bad guys in Halo?) are really dumb enough to think that he's sitting there in the embassy doing all the hacking himself? Or that even if we wasn't able to send email for a while that wikileaks would grind to a halt?

Comment Re:Propaganda through their employees (Score 1) 239

I buy things from Amazon on a daily basis, have done so for literally years, with values from under $5 to over $3000. I can't think of a single time I've had Amazon mark a package signature required - they generally would prefer to replace lost items than deal with the undeliverable returns. UPS give their drivers discretion about whether it's safe to leave a package if no-one's home, based on their knowledge of the area and so on. In my case everything gets left on the front step, never had a single thing go missing.

Oh and Prime _is_ a great deal, if you're a frequent customer.

Comment Re:First it was Uber. (Score 2) 239

I use Uber not because it's cheaper but because it's better than a regular cab. The cars are nicer, the drivers are nicer, the service is more convenient. There is no rule or regulation forcing yellow cabs in NYC to be smelly, noisy and uncomfortable. There's no TLC bylaw forcing yellow cab drivers to be assholes. There is now an app which lets you hail a yellow cab, and that's a start, but they have a long way to go. The taxi industry has benefitted for years from having a local monopoly and gouging drivers on medallions etc, and now they have some competition.

Comment Re:All about the Benjamins (Score 1) 136

I disagree - I've been watching F1 since I was a kid (probably 35 years now) and I absolutely am interested in the technology. That's the thing about F1, it's not just drivers and teams - it's also engineers and designers. Now I don't disagree that the commercial success of a driverless series would be extremely unlikely, you can't take the tech out of F1, it's an integral part of the experience.

Comment Re:Old school censoring.... (Score 1) 139

Then the absence of the vehicle outside said address would be a good indicator of the premises being empty

As would knocking on the door and getting no response. In fact, that would be a much better indicator of the premises being empty assuming the possibility that more than one person lives there.

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