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Comment Re: I'm a maintence guy in an apartment building.. (Score 1) 86

I understand that some high-rise building sitting south of you might shadow you, specially if you live in the lower floors, but to me, as an European, it seems already weird that you have to resort to satellite internet in a city. I read in other comments of people still on dialup in freaking Seattle, and that frankly scares me. Is it possible that there's not market even for a DSL operator, let alone fiber? In Seattle?

Comment They do have a point (Score 2) 47

I've been very critical of Canonical in the recent years (the whole Unity+Mir fiasco) but this time I think they're right. You cannot fundamentally modify their product and still call it Ubuntu. If they took Ubuntu, disabled AppArmor, removed all the trademarks and marketed it as TotallyUnsafe linux whatever, that would have been acceptable, but I can see why Ubuntu feels damaged by this "European cloud provider" behavior.

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