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United States

Submission + - Debugging the US Constitution

P. Orin Zack writes: "Say you're fond of a massively multi-player real-world role-playing game that has run off the rails, and you want to fix it. What do you do? The ground rules of this game are public, and include a method of changing them. The activities within this game are governed not only by these ground rules, but also by in-game laws that are created by the players themselves. Time is limited, because the universe looks like it will soon crash and burn, and you cannot reboot the system.

I'm speaking of the real-life game that runs in an operating system called the US Constitution. The ground rules define a set of checks and balances, for example, but the programmers overlooked some issues, such as a check and balance pair that would enable the Governors of the several states to overrule perverse laws passed by Congress or defeat implementation by the Executive.

So my question for the community is this: if you could revise the rules in the Constitution to fix the problems which threaten to crash the system, what changes would you make?"
The Internet

Submission + - UK Voters Want To Vote Online

InternetVoting writes: "A recent research survey by ntl:Telewest Business found that nearly half of the respondents would be more likely to vote online. This year the UK government has authorized 13 local election pilots including Internet voting. ntl:Telewest Business estimates 10 million UK households have broadband and 4,789 local libraries offer public access. In the US political parties are beginning to test the Internet voting waters with the Michigan Democratic Party to offer Internet voting in their 2008 Presidential Caucus."

Submission + - has a slight Twist

php_krisp writes: "Earlier on today Slashdot reported that had gone live with people being asked to report on other breaking the rules. We've run an article on our blog about our experience on myspace china and were surprised to find that it censors on the fly words like 'Dalai Lama' and 'Tiananmen Square'. We immediately substituted those a's with á's to bypass the censor, but how long will it be allowed to stay up? Will it be deleted by tomorrow?"
Input Devices

Submission + - Hacking Our Five Senses

zdude255 writes: "Wired is running an article exploring several studies of giving the human brain "new input devices." From seeing with your sense of touch to entirely new senses such as sensing direction intuitively, the human brain seems to be capable of interpreting and using new data on the fly. This offers many applications from pilots being able to sense the plane's orientation to the potential recovery of patients with blindness or ear damage. (which helps balance)"

Submission + - OLPC to be sold for $200 in developed countries

sien writes: The manufacturer of the OLPC, Quanta, intends to sell $200 versions of the laptop in developed countries according to this arstechnica post. These laptops will be sold at cost, without making a contribution to the OLPC project.

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