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Comment Re:Typical (Score 5, Informative) 284

If you read the article, these are parcels of land that no one lives on, but more than one people *own*. What his case is doing is forcing the land to be sold so that those owners can come forward and get paid for it. Most owners don't even realize they own the land.

So no one is being *forced out of their homes*. Basically they are getting money they didn't realize they had.


Augmented Reality In a Contact Lens 196

Toe, The writes "Bionanotechnology researcher Babak A Parviz writes about his research toward producing a computer interface in a contact lens. At the moment, they have only embedded a single LED, but they foresee a much more complex interface such as detailed in Vernor Vinge's Rainbows End. Such lenses potentially could also read human bio-information from the eye, providing medical information on the order of what is now taken from blood tests, but on a continuous basis. An example would be monitoring glucose levels for diabetics. The author states that, 'All the basic technologies needed to build functional contact lenses are in place,' and details what refinements and advances will be necessary to bring this technology to reality."
Input Devices

Best Mouse For Programming? 569

LosManos writes "Which is the best programming mouse? Mandatory musts are wireless, and that it doesn't clog up like old mechanical mice. Present personal preferences are for: lots of buttons, since if I have moved my hand away from the keyboard I can at least do something more than move the pointer; sturdy feeling; not too light, so it doesn't move around by me accidentally looking at it." What would you recommend?

Comment Wrong target (Score 1) 37

Yeah, this makes a lot of sense. Let's sue VeriSign because someone thinks the management of .com was not bid out properly. VeriSign didn't control the bid process, they participated. So CFIT should really be suing ICANN, since they're the ones who control the process. But ICANN doesn't have much money.

Makes you question motivations.


Comment Re:This is silly. (Score 3, Interesting) 37

And on what basis do you think the price should be going down? The price has gone up for the last 2 years, but that's still only a total of 14% over the last 10 years. And not only that, the increase has only be a total of $0.86, which is even less significant when you compare it to the price of a registration (given that we ignore the folks who use domain registrations as a loss leader for other products).

The price of compute power may be going down, but the number of registrations and queries is only going up. In addition, the attacks on the infrastructure are only increasing and getting more sophisticated. And you can't ignore inflation as well. So why should the price of domains go down when the price of most other things go up over time?


America Online

Submission + - Open AIM 2.0 (

gregsblog writes: "Over two years ago we launched Open AIM by releasing the Windows Software Development Kit that allowed developers to write custom clients, bots and plugins for the Windows AIM client. Since March 2006, we have released SDKs for the Mac, Linux and PocketPC platforms, as well as AIM Web APIs that allowed developers to build AIM onto websites via embeddable widgets, javascript, or XML. Today we are adding more exciting ways of integrating and leveraging the AIM network. First, we are documenting the AIM protocol, known as OSCAR. Doing this will allow clients built using libraries such as libPurple, and other open source solutions to be enhanced to take advantage of all our protocol. Second, we are simplifying our license agreement, and removing restrictions to allow you to create the applications you and your users want. For example, we will now allow developers to build clients that incorporate other Instant Messaging services, using our SDKs, protocols and libraries. Third, we will allow developers to build compelling mobile applications for all different mobile devices. Fourth, we are removing limitations on developers from building business and enterprise applications. Fifth, AIM Web APIs now support php and AMF3 return formats for easier server and flash integration. Lastly, we are giving our developer website a huge face lift. On the new site, you will find better message boards, easier to navigate documentation and samples, and additional APIs that AOL has to offer. For developers the new website also will include some basic statistics of your application, plugin or bot. After listening to you, the Open AIM Developer Community, we have also streamlined the process of building applications, plugins and bots. In the past we required developers of custom client applications, plugins and bots to provide a key and fingerprint to get their application authenticated on to the AIM network. We have simplified this by making the fingerprint check optional. In addition, all keys have unlimited usage. For the AIM Web APIs we are removing the requirement for URL referrer checks, which also means fewer hurdles to develop applications and makes for a better user experience. By further opening up the AIM developer program, we are providing a better experience for all our users whether they are using the flagship Windows AIM client or Meebo in a Firefox browser. At the same time, we are giving developers the opportunity to build applications using best in breed tools and protocol. In order to best support these efforts and ensure that our users receive a high-quality AIM experience, we do require that developers include some specific elements in their applications. However, we have done our best to keep these requirements to a minimum, resulting in greater flexibility for developers and an enhanced AIM experience for their users. We have created a list, from which developers can pick a minimum of 2 items to integrate into their Web AIM or Custom Client application. The list includes: — displaying advertising — providing a link to installing the AIM Toolbar — displaying a users expression/buddy icon as well as providing a link to letting the user set their expression — displaying a user's buddy info — displaying the AIM Startpage Developers can change out these items as they determine what best suits the needs of their users and their application. We will be adding new options to the list to further increase the flexibility available to the developer, and in the near-term will be adding other beneficial enhancements such as a revenue-share program for displayed advertising. In conclusion, over the past two years we have seen tremendous growth and excitement over the Open AIM program, and today is just another step in giving developers the best messaging and synchronous communication platform in the world to build on. We know that for our users this change will continue to give them the choice in deciding what is the best AIM experience for them."

Comment Re:This j isn't right (Score 1) 101

I registered my own domain about 4 years ago so I'd never have to change my email address again; it happens to be a .net. Now I face what amounts to a retroactive price hike.

Speaking of nothing practical to add...

How is this retroactive? You're not being asked to pay more for the last 4 years you were registered. You can lock in prices now with a longer term contract. You sign a 1 year contract every year for a .net domain, and lock in the price for that year. It's just like cell phone service, cable TV (really, more monthly), and every other service you get provided.

Show me where you were ever guaranteed that your prices would stay the same, and then you can start complaining. Or heck, wait until VeriSign actually decides to raise prices. Right now it's just ICANN saying that they can. Chances are, if they do raise the prices they'll just raise them to $6 per domain per year, like the .com domains. And since most registrars currently charge you the same fee for .com and .net, you're actually getting "screwed" now.

User Journal

Journal Journal: I'm a man 15

It's time to tell the truth. I am a 55 year-old man. My name is Andy Kaufman, and I live in New York City.

I am sincerely sorry to everyone for all my lies.


User Journal

Journal Journal: Merry Christmas -- $$$$$exyGal

It's not the new year yet, but it seems like a good time to give thanks.

Long story short, I've had a good year. Great job, short commute, and dating again. I've become focused, but with great flexibility. I'm not sweating the big stuff, or the small stuff. The good stuff is in the middle.

May your holidays be commercial-free,


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