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Comment Re:Do you want a job as a software developer? (Score 1) 520

I agree that it shouldn't count against you, but don't undervalue the experience. When I'm conducting job interviews, particularly for younger applicants, I'm very interested in the things that they've done before or straight after graduation. A person who is really interested in computers gets involved at any level. They've set up a web server for their local high school, they've built a web app for the store they were working in, they've refurbished computers for a non-profit.... you name it. I'd rather hire *that* person than the one who graduated with high marks and no work experience. This is the person who comes in late one morning because they kept themselves up late writing some piece of awesome code that makes everyone's lives easier. OK, that may not work if you want a job programming for a major financial corporation, but for a lot of software houses that's exactly the kind of person you want on the team.

Comment Absolutely (Score 1) 607

I couldn't agree more with the original post.

After moving to the USA I got cable specifically to get SciFi (as it was at the time), but over time I've been wondering why. Most of the good sci-fi shows are on other channels, and the majority of SyFy today doesn't come close to science fiction. Reality TV is not fiction, even if the word "reality" is being used loosely. Monster movies really don't do it for me (though I guess they fall into the sci-fi/fantasy genre), but I just never understood why SyFy would take on wrestling. So what they're saying is that they don't care about their demographic at all?

I'd happily pay for access to a premium sci-fi channel, even to the extent that I would consider dropping most of my other current TV subscription. If the shows were good enough, I'd even be happy with a production company that produced content that went straight to the ITMS (which is a *much* more expensive way to get a show).

But alas, apparently sci-fi fans are doomed to never being able to hand over their money to producers whom they really want to give it to. Curse you Roddenberry, for the influence you had on my formative years!

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