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Comment Re:Until (Score 1) 374

I've not watched all of the video, just a few minutes, but what I'm getting is that there's *no* (or some) overhead in using a modern C++ compiler over C? what am I missing? does it blow up later on in the video?

Comment Re:let's be honest here (Score 1) 151

All in all I agree with you but... E's straight to heroin, I don't see happening for the reason you state. What about E's (dancing at a party drug) to ketamine (sitting at a party, not saying much drug) to heroin (sitting at home, not saying much drug)? it's the prohibition that causes the possible gateway. We need evidence based policies on things and we shouldn't be pandering to Daily Mail reading types who just spout out what some sociopathic lord, with shares in the alcohol industry, wants.

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