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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: how to verify your identity without being there in person? 1

united_notions writes: I work for a large university, and our recruitment policy allows us to interview prospective staff and grad students over Skype, but the chosen applicant still has to show up in person before they can be formally appointed. This is so that they can physically hold up a genuine passport and prove their identity (as a failsafe against bogus interviews). What other ways could applicants do this, without flying potentially around the world just to file paperwork?

Submission + - How to Turn a Star Into a Supermagnet (

sciencehabit writes: Astronomers have figured out how to make the universe’s most powerful magnet. All you need is two massive stars orbiting close to each other so that one swipes gas from the other, causing the thief to spin so quickly that its magnetic field dwarfs that of Earth by 100 trillion-fold. The finding offers fresh insight into how some of the galaxy's smallest but most extraordinary stars arise.

Submission + - Autodesk Unveils 3d Printer As It Aims To Become Industry's Android

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes: BBC reports that Autodesk — the leading 3D modelling software-maker — is going into hardware with its own 3D printer and in addition to selling the machine, Autodesk will also allow other manufacturers to make their own versions of the printer or power their own models off its software at no cost. "The printer is a bona fide attempt to prove the interoperability and open source nature of Autodesk's platform," says Pete Basiliere. "And by sharing its design we could see a second wave of small start-ups creating stereolithography machines just as the makers did when the early material extrusion patents expired." Chief executive Carl Bass likened the new printer to Google's first Nexus smartphone, a product meant to inspire other manufacturers to install Android on their handsets rather than become a bestseller itself. In Autodesk's case the idea is to drive the adoption of its new Spark software, a product it likens to being an "operating system for 3D-printing". Although Autodesk is giving away both Spark and the printer's design, the company should still profit because the move would drive demand for the firm's other products. "If 3D printing succeeds we succeed, because the only way you can print is if you have a 3D model, and our customers are the largest makers of 3D models in the world."

Instead of the extrusion technique most commonly used by existing budget printers, Autodesk's printer uses a laser to harden liquid plastic to create the objects delivering smoother, more complex and more detailed objects. "We're making a printer that, rather than just being able to load in proprietary materials, you can load in any material you want. You can formulate your own polymers and experiment with those. That's an important next step because we think material science is a breakthrough that has to happen to make [the industry] go from low-volume 3D-printed stuff to where it really starts changing manufacturing." Bass said, its printer is targeted at more professional users–for creating small objects like medical devices or jewelry–and will likely end up closer to the $5,000 range, though exact pricing has not been set.

Submission + - Chile Threatens To Drop Out Of TPP Negotiations Due To Ridiculous US Demands Abo (

TheGift73 writes: "You may remember that some officials in Chile recently began wondering what benefit they would get from agreeing to be a part of TPP. It seems that view is going even further. There was just another negotiating round and it appears (as we've expected, but don't know for sure because the US negotiators, led by Ron Kirk refuse to be even remotely transparent) that the US's strong position on IP is scaring off Chile. A high level government official is now saying that the country is considering pulling out of the TPP negotiations unless the US "significantly moderates its intellectual property demands." The article suggests that Chile is willing to move forward with much of the rest of the agreement, but the ridiculous USTR position on IP is giving it reason to be concerned."

Submission + - OpenNIC Launches dotPirate TLD (

ktetch-pirate writes: "As the US Govt. seizes domains willy nilly, and ICANN demands hundreds of thousands of dollars for vanity TLD's, it's hard to remember that they're not the only game in town. Alternate DNS group OpenNIC had added another TLD to their offerings, with the launch this weekend of the .pirate TLD"

Submission + - Bulletproof Skin Developed From Spider Silk (

autospa writes: "A bulletproof skin has developed by Dutch artist Jalila Essaidi with the collaboration of Forensic Genome Consortium Netherlands for her project 2.6g 329m/s. This skin is made up of human skins cells and spider silk and for this artist grafted spider silk between epidermis and dermis. The bulletproof skin can withstand from a .22 calibre Long Rifle bullet if it is fired at a low speed. However, this skin hasn’t a capability to repel a bullet that fired from a .22 calibre rifle at normal speed. For Essaidi, it is a great achievement and now she is waiting for the conversation that will be generated after exhibit of this skin."

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