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Comment Re: So basically... (Score 1, Insightful) 513

Well, I am German and I listened to Hitler recordings pre-1933. I also listen to the Trump speech that he gave after he came back from Mexico. I found it was chilling. Swap in "Jews" wherever he says "Illegals" and these speeches would be hard to distinguish.

Trump is not a normal candidate, it was funny when it started. It stopped being funny long ago.

Comment Re:Nice attention whoring. (Score 1) 374

Sweden wants to question him with regards to improper sexual conduct, this is common, on the record knowledge.

The nature of the charge has also been widely reported and confirmed by interviews with the women (who are not particular interested in seeing this blown out of proportion).

The dude had consensual sex, yet it was supposed to be protected sex, and he sneakily removed the condom. Sweden has very strict laws around consensual sexual conduct, so if he did indeed do this on purpose, and tricked the women, it amounts to an offense under Swedish law.

That he holes up in an embassy over this rather minor legal problem is laughable.

Comment Autistic people are methodical and detail-oriented (Score 1) 226

"Autistic people are methodical and detail-oriented"

Whoever wrote that clearly never met my eleven old, slightly autistic boy.

I think SAP, who has been hiring autistic employees for a while, has a better handle on it. To quote on of their HR people:

"If you met one autistic person, you know just one ."

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