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Comment Re:Crybabies (Score 1) 524

No more bought-and-paid-for career politicians just means you cut out the middleman. Now you have a billionaire con man at the helm, who's entire life revolved around enriching himself . Brilliant!

Unsurprisingly, he now put together a cabinet of fellow billionaires. How do you feel about Steven Mnuchin, youngest banker to ever have made Goldman Sachs partner, former Soros employee and Hollywood movie producer? He should shake things up, right?

Of course unfortunately things are probably eveb worse, since there is good reasons to believe that Trump is in Putin's pocket.

We can look forward to at least four years of raping the US treasury while the US allies will be left to fend for themselves.

Comment Re:Good to see mocking the President back in fashi (Score 1) 524

Yes, the policy was started by his dad (who was also once arrested at a Klan's rally) but Jr. was aware of the policy and happily went along with it.

As to the birther Hillary origination story, that has been debunked so many times it's not even funny that you still believe it.

Comment Re:Feel free to stop fucking that Russian chicken. (Score 1) 272

One slight difference - that's not an undisputed fact

Just as the Soviet and East German clandestine work was not an undisputed fact until the wall came down. For god's sake Putin worked as KGB agent in East Germany (Dresden to be precise), and we have a pretty clear idea how much he spends on disinformation.

To put this in the same league as chem trail brain-fuckery is beyond naive. Don't expect Russia to advertise their capabilities. Unfortunately, there is little hope for the equivalent to a Russian Snowden.

And to the extend that Russia ain't that bad, it is mostly that their reach is far shorter, and they can't afford the intelligence and military apparatus the US has. But go and talk to some Chechens to get a reality check.

Yes, the US does a lot of very bad things. And I'd wish more Americans would be aware of it, but that doesn't mean that outside countries don't try to fuck with you.

Your assertions are nothing but ass-backwards American exceptionalism. There is nothing exceptional about the US. It's neither exceptionally good nor bad.

Comment Brilliant research (Score 4, Insightful) 154

This could be a real game changer if it manages to change some minds. We need nuclear tech to cope with the nuclear waste, and this can be done in an inherently safe and responsible way that turns the waste into energy.

I very much hope this example in doing this on the small scale, as with these diamond batteries, will translate into support for bigger inherently safe designs that allow to transmute nuclear waste into lesser problems.

Comment Re:Good to see mocking the President back in fashi (Score 1) 524

Oh, we have people like you down here.

Not enough.

And did minister Mitchell ever lose his job over the way he treated Tarek Fatah?

About as much as Joe 'You Lie' Wilson.

BTW Mitchell is not a cabinet member but a senator. Senators are appointed for life. There's no easy way to get rid of them. Probably easier to abolish the senate all together, which has been under discussion on and off over the years that I lived here.

Comment Re:Good to see mocking the President back in fashi (Score 1) 524

Last I checked there was no debate about where McCain was born. Apples and oranges, and the Hillary projection has been debunked so many times ...

Trump kept the thing alive even after Obama's birth certificate was released. It was a dog whistle and you heard it as clearly as all the other birthers.

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