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Comment E=mc^2 (Score 1) 385

A good book to read on this topic is David Bodanis's E=mc^2,
"A biography of the world's most famous equation"

It's not just another Einstein book. It's actually about just the equation and its life.
The author gives examples of how printing houses using different equation notation were like Microsoft, driving out the competition for the standard.
All manner of symbols were used for math, some examples:

e================== mc^2
e || mc^2
e -----------> mc^2
e .aequs. mc^2
e ][ mc^2

Anyway, yes equations "can" be nice too look at in mainstream media.
Only to show a simple proof or to inspire a reader into further learning.
Of course, if it looks like spaghetti to the masses, then maybe the publisher went too far :P

Regardless, wasn't Einstein known for explaining complex concepts in terms that even the non-scholastic could understand?
Don't think he used any equations to describe relativity to them.
In fact, Einstein was not even a good Mathematician, iirc.

Comment This little XP laptop. (Score 1) 438

This little XP laptop I'm using to post this message is:

-running only 13 processes and 8 Services
-startup takes 20 seconds, initial memory use 60Mb, shutdown in 6 seconds
-has DeepFreeze and thus no security protection, fuck updates!
-outperforms Ubuntu, Windows 8 and Windows 7 bloated from running 100s of unnecessary processes and services.
-outperforms a brand new HP Windows 8 Laptop fresh out of the box, infected with Norton, Office and eBay promos.
-been running fine now for years.

What exactly do I need Microsoft's help for anyway?
Users and businesses only THINK they need their support.

Comment Please suggest a better browser! (Score 1) 195

Glad to see some serious ripping of Chrome here.
It sucks and not just a little.

Like Microsoft, Google is trying to be all things to all people and this just makes for shit software.
Why the fuck do they need to use so much memory?

      as an example of the size a browser should be
      does not work for some pages so its the lesser of an evil for now anyway.

but seriously, Google is doing so much shit in the background that you need to give up most of your bandwidth to tracking and most of your memory for frustrating.

Does anyone else have a suggestion for a good light weight browser?

Maybe we need to create a 5k only Internet. No Flash allowed!

Comment Re:No reproduction (Score 1) 327

Is it the cold, lightless, lifeless, soul-sucking corner of the room that the router is located in?

Maybe it's the cold, lightless, lifeless, soul-sucking nation that the entire room is located in.

Please mod this up.

This is exactly why I come here,
          to read intelligently poetic comical insites.

My girlfriend and I are still splitting our guts laughing.
*and she's not even a geek*

Comment Obligatory Movie post about... (Score 1) 586

...our current world influences for food production and distribution.

If the Matrix style production of chicken does not make you sick, maybe the message at the end of the movie from Nestle's president will.

Although the movie is documentarily shocking, there are what feel like forced elments to make the point.
Like to get some feedback, not putting on my tinfoil hat yet.

Comment DEFCON 4? (Score 1) 628

So they have made these same threats many times before and that negates ANY threat?

Is it not a bit more concerning this time given that they NOW have a missile capable of hitting mainland US with a nuclear war head?
What happened to the DEFCON system?
Should it not be changed given you have the above situation?

‘He who exercises no forethought but makes light of his opponents is sure to be captured by them.’
-Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Comment BASIC programming can be very lucrative. (Score 1) 360

Which BASIC are you talking about though, this one

OK, so that is probably NOT what you meant, but seriously, there is some really good coin to be made in BASIC programming and I'm not talking just for the Trash80, C64 and Timex Sinclair.

Try this company to start,
They have great accounting products based on Business BASIC,

Programming in the accounting field "was" very lucrative for me.
WAS, because it was not my dream life to sit in a chair and stare at alpha numeric characters spilling down my screen like the Matrix all day long. Now I'm retired on a sailboat, living the life of a pirate, pun intended.

Oh, and just to be pedantic, BASIC is an acronym, Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code, as you surely know.
Putting "Basic" on your resume may create some "semantic noise" for the reviewer.

And one last thing, you might consider moving on up the ladder,
With your grey hair and overall experience, you are sure to land a job as a "Consultant" and still get to program.
Differences between programmer and consultant explained here

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