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Comment Re:So he was clever enough ... (Score 1) 547

Why do you think I was wishing the best for him?

OP was asking how he could be clever enough to use TOR, but then apparently not clever enough to ask for a lawyer instead of confessing. This has nothing to do with what is right, it is simply about acting rationally (not implying the bomb-threat was rational in the first place).

Your response was that since he was guilty, confessing was the right thing to do. That may be true, but is besides the point. OP was not discussing whether confessing would be morally right, but whether it made sense for someone who clearly puts his own interests before those of others.

Comment Re:Please explain the Elon Musk hate (Score 1) 239

Perhaps there is significant revulsion to the way Elon Musk relies on heavy advertising/propaganda to construct a corporate image. The same is true of all big corporations --- but that's no excuse, since there's no fundamental reason why a tech nerd should be blindly accepting of how corporate capitalism works. People might respect the technological / engineering side of Musk's ventures, but feel icky about how this is tied to marketing/PR goons saturating the tech media with gushing propaganda stories aimed at rich investors (instead of plain-spoken, informative, "engineers' talk"). Of course, the appearance of genuine anti-corporate-PR revulsion to Musk's enterprises is magnified by slimy corporate PR shills from competing industries adding their own FUD.

Of course Musk will interpret everything as positively as possible, but as long as he does not actually lie or try to deceive with heavy handed rheorics or in other ways, then I have no problem with it. In the end, the reader (esp. on /.) should be intelligent enough to discern just how far what he says should be believed. I am not familiar with the SpaceX stuff, but when it comes to the Tesla cases I have not seen him say anything I would classify as dishonest yet. For example, you may argue about how exactly Tesla fire occurrences should be compared with ICE vehicle fires and you might end up with somewhat different numbers/results, but he does have a point when he says that fires occur in ICE vehicles as well.

Comment Please explain the Elon Musk hate (Score 4, Insightful) 239

In every piece concerning Tesla on slashdot, there are a few people making negative comments about Elon Musk. However, not once have I seen the complaints backed up with facts, examples, or otherwise, just negativity without any indication as to why.

Could someone please explaint to me why there is this hate on Elon Musk, and what it is about?

Comment Re:Right... (Score 1) 211

Oh you're so right. And while we're at it we should ban cars, they can be used to "augment" bank robberies. Or healthy food, it helps those damn muggers grow strong so they are more of a threat. And we don't want to allow computers, they can be used for hacking. Hell, any person alive is a potential threat - let's kill them all.

Comment Re:The continuity adviser is not doing his job (Score 4, Interesting) 121

I don't mind the ending so much as I hate the new books in general. Wolves of the Callah was downright awful (I really hated all the Harry Potter and other stuff), the one after that was not much better, and the dark tower finally was actually ok again.

I don't know why, but the first four books are exciting and amazing with a lot of suspense and mystery, and the last three just plain suck compared to that. It's like he figured that he really needed to finish the series and just rushed it. Or after the long break and the car accident he forgot what it was all about - I think he even alluded to this in some interview, I'm very fuzzy on the details though.

No, the end really was ok. It was the only logical ending I guess. But I wish anything between book four and that ending was left unwritten instead.

And in addition to all of this, he decided to mangle the original books with all the jesus crap. Fuck that shit!

Comment Re:Bingo. Typical MS arrogance at work. (Score 1) 629

How can you possibly be so retarded? There are two separate issues that are being discussed here.

  • 1) Google doing something nasty.
  • 2) MS having something nasty being done to them.

It is entirely possible to disapprove of point 1 and approve of point 2 at the same time - and all without being a hypocrite. MS is a nasty and evil company that deserves any shit that happens to them. This does not mean that it is ok for google be evil - I am quite unhappy to see them do this.

Comment Re:Only relevant line (Score 2) 629

What Google is doing is saying: "No, since we don't like your company, you will never be allowed to write an app for YouTube. Ever. We are assholes, and we own YouTube, and we hate Microsoft, so you can go f*ck your self".

If only that was what google actually was saying publicly I would cheer happily. Microsoft needs to die, the sooner the better, and they have absolutely zero reason to complain with their history of being evil.

But instead of publicly telling MS to fuck off, google is pretending that there is no problem at all. This is the same kind of scummy behavior I hate about MS, and so I cannot be happy about it.

Comment Re:Who buys (and keeps) this crap console anyway? (Score 1) 212

I guess one of the problems with the Wii U for me is that Nintendo and their games are generally not something that I enjoy very much. Wii Sports was/is fun, and then I have Guitar Hero for the Wii. Everything else I looked at was never interesting for me. What I do not understand is how you can not find the UI slow. Without any exaggeration, the UI was maybe twice as slow as on the original Wii. Whenever chaning to a different screen or loading some application, it would sit there and make me wait for half a minute or more. Really really annoying in the long run. Is yours not like that?

Comment Re:Who buys (and keeps) this crap console anyway? (Score 1) 212

Could have fooled me (well they did), what with having to boot up in a special compatibility mode and not supporting 1080p. I bought the original Wii not knowing much about Nintendo, but I have since realised again and again that they don't give a shit about their customers. Well fuck em, may they go bankrupt soon.

Comment Who buys (and keeps) this crap console anyway? (Score 1, Interesting) 212

I had one for a month or so. Very few games to pick from, those I tried were "meh", nothing on the level of Wii Sports for the original Wii. The screen added nothing of value, the UI is extremely slow, it really isn't much fun. And the emulator is still unable to render my old stuff in full HD - so what is the point? I really don't understand what I would want to do with a Wii U. Luckily I was able to sell mine again for almost no loss.

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