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Comment Re:Non-Notable (Score 1) 138

Did you even read the page you linked? Wikipedia's notability policy is simply "A thing is notable if and only if you can provide citations that make us think you're not just making shit up." The requirements of the journalism assignment were explicitly that the articles should be well researched, so if a student produces an article that doesn't satisfy that policy, they should fail the class.

Comment Life is hard (Score 1) 144

Sure, somebody might keep track of you on the internet for six months and steal your TV. Somebody could also drive by your house every so often and do the same thing. Is it worth it to censor your entire life to cower from burglers? Life is hard, take some risks and have some fun. Social networking is fun. You can buy a new TV, you can't buy back having wasted your life hiding.
Emulation (Games)

Submission + - Sony and Nintendo Make the Emulators of the Year

Croakyvoice writes: Sony and Nintendo are the arch enemies of Emulation with both over the years doing their upmost to stop it, just ask the creators of Bleem and VGS. But this year both companies have released what are the very best emulators of easily the last year, Sony`s Full speed PS1 Emulator for the PSP and Nintendo`s range of emulators for the Wii.
Data Storage

Submission + - Data-storing bacteria could last millenia

PetManimal writes: "Computerworld has a story about a new technology developed by Keio University researchers that creates artificial bacterial DNA that can carry more than 100 bits of data within the genome sequence. The researchers claimed that they encoded "e= mc2 1905!" on the common soil bacteria, Bacillius subtilis. The bacteria-based data storage method has backup and long-term archival functionality:

While the technology would most likely first be used to track medication, it could also be used to store text and images for many millennia, thwarting the longevity issues associated with today's disk and tape storage systems ... The artificial DNA that carries the data to be preserved makes multiple copies of the DNA and inserts the original as well as identical copies into the bacterial genome sequence. The multiple copies work as backup files to counteract natural degradation of the preserved data, according to the newswire. Bacteria have particularly compact DNA, which is passed down from generation to generation. The information stored in that DNA can also be passed on for long-term preservation of large data files, the scientists said.

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