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Journal Journal: Just a post

This is just a little post to try out /.'s journal system.

If you haven't noticed already, here are a few of my favorite pages:

  • Pegamoose Games
    Pegamoose Games was started by a friend of mine. His game company is a hobby of his that I would love to see grow into something more. If you like puzzles, board games, or card games you should check out Pegamoose Games. The prices are reasonable and the gameplay is generally very good.
  • Downsize DC
    Stop the out of control US government now. Downsize DC is my last hope that my country can be salvaged from the orgy going on in the Capitol.
  • Porsche
    Here's my bread and butter now. I punched out of the white collar high tech world a few years ago to turn a wrench for a living. Now I'm working as a mechanic at Bob Moore Porsche & Audi near Oklahoma City. I'm gone from the big cities, gone from sitting behind a desk, and gone from working on doomed projects for months on end. I'm making half as much money and I couldn't be happier.


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