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Comment Re:But what IS the point they're making? (Score 1) 342

This is why I regard the basic principle of natural selection as almost a logical tautology. It is so essentially true that it can't even be described as a scientific theory, almost a logical law like 1 + 1 = 2 (strictly speaking that is a definition, but I'm sure you understand).

Comment Re: Bah (Score 1) 209

This article itself points out that they look the same, it is the genetics that is different. On other worlds there would be strange solutions to niches but there would also be some oddly similar species as well. If you look back at the history of mammals, forgetting the understandable fascination with dinos, you will see that there have been many different kinds of mammals but certain forms are roughly similar: herbivores, large (very large) grazers, carnivores, tree dwelling. Not always but quite often there are similarities. On an alien world given similar situations then some similar forms are likely to evolve. However, sometimes a new environment may arise that creates new opportunities, if they are unique to a particular world then the creatures may not resemble anything we are familiar with. For example, the evolution of grasses and flowering plants. Some things would be universal: vision using light (IR to UV approximately), two eyes, smell sense, nervous system, some kind of brain though it may be more distributed, herbivores vs carnivores, etc. Life being Life however, there is always the opportunity for surprises.

Comment Re:Regulators DO suppress natural cures. (Score 1) 395

No. I think he is correct. The only real conspiracy theory with big pharma is that they are companies and only want to make money. They aren't in it for altruistic reasons. Natural cures are irrelevant to them unless they can extract and patent any active component. The US FDA also has a government mandated conspiracy to forbid people to peddle 'cures' if they haven't been fully tested whatever their actual merits. This isn't rocket science. Did you actually read what he/she said?

Comment Re:Other 50% are uninformed (Score 1) 395

Aspirin [] a man made synthetic compound mimicking the pain relieving properties of willow bark?

Willow bark does not relieve pain. It has anti-inflammatory properties just as aspirin does, but not pain relief. The addition of the acetyl group artificially produced the pain relief effects.

Comment Re:Time to ban Anonymous Coward? (Score 1) 109

Although I am tempted to agree with you I cannot. There are some topics where insider information is invaluable but identifiable posts would likely cause repercussions for the poster. We still need that. Anonymous Cowards on this topic are just that, cowards, but I don't see how we can get rid of them without getting rid of the more useful aspects of that role.

BTW, "OFF TOPIC" ... which fuckwit moderated that?

Comment Meh. (Score 1) 3

I was getting kind of bored with the old looking slashdot. Been using it for what ... crap, has it been 15 years? IT people should like new environments, as long as they are functional and don't remove options. I welcome the new beta, though being beta I will constructively criticise it. If it is a dead dog then I will reluctantly go back to Classic. But let's see what happens.

Comment Re:Bias against men (Score 1) 209

It used to be that feminists also were concerned with "male liberation" as well. I see none of that now. And there are indeed a selection of strange extremist types that tend to poison the well. If you want to see some of the disturbing ideas out there just google "piv feminism". These people are so far from the goals of feminism that it should be regarded as deviant. But it isn't. I've experienced a little bit of it myself, but I tend to regard people who have this attitude as a waste of space, so not worth thinking about. But it can bite in situations that matter ... but then that is people, people are not always reasonable or rational.

Comment Re:Reasons for:SciFi list (Score 1) 796

Nice SF list. Such a list could go on and on and on. Here are some I would recommend, just at random. I'll probably miss quite a few that I really like.

  • Star Maker by Olaf Stapledon, this book just defies words
  • Chthon, the novel that was edged out by Ender's Game, had a big effect on me.
  • Cryptonomicon
  • In the Ocean of Night
  • Dune
  • Songs of Earth and Power, fantasy by Greg Bear
  • The War of the Worlds

Agree with Consider Phlebas. I just gave up on the list there are too many even before you get to non SF stuff.

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