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Submission + - Written Specs vs Reality for HD Surveilance Cams?

pushf popf writes: I've been playing with HD video surveillance cameras, and purchased a Stardot NetCam SC 5MP Day/Night (IP). It's described as a 5 megapixel video camera with a 30 frame/second capture rate.

The specs say it's 30FPS, however the best I've ever been able to squeeze out of it is 3FPS. I sent it back to the factory and they said it was operating normally and that my network or server was probably slow. So . . .

I built a massively overpowered server with a high-performance RAID array and fast drives, and put the camera and the server on their own network switch. Guess what? (spoiler alert) It's still only 3FPS.

Is it possible this is as fast as it goes? If so, does anybody have any recommendations for cameras that actually meet their specs?

Any thoughts? While I don't need anywhere near 30FPS, 3 is just way too slow and I'm feeling just a little ripped off by Stardot.

Submission + - Legality/Ethics of Replacing a Hotlinked Image 1

pushf popf writes: My website contains a moderate number of images in various resolutions, up to about 8MP. People have always hotlinked them, which, while not a performance or resource issue, just really annoys me. I pay for my bandwidth and they should too.

So . . . A while back I started serving up a plain image that says "Image removed due to unauthorized hotlinking", which doesn't seem to have much effect. The "unauthorized hotlink" image gets a lot of traffic.

Which brings me to my actual question:

Does anybody have any idea if it's legal (or ethical) to replace the image they're stealing with:
  1. A huge pile of dog poop
  2. Goatse
  3. Advertising.

The first two would make me happy, and the last one would make me money.

Aside from pissing people off, are there any actual legal or ethical problems with any of these?


Submission + - Xen Virtual vs Dedicated Server Security 1

pushf popf writes: I'm considering moving an app from a physical server (app owns whole machine) to a Xen Virtual Machine. The data is reasonably sensitive (a breach would get people pissed off, maybe sued, but no financial info is stored).

Does anybody have any actual information on whether or not a properly managed Xen server and Linux instance in a secure hosting facility is more/less/as secure as a dedicated server in the same facility?

Does Xen introduce any significant attack vectors?

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