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Comment Your two choices (Score 1) 277

Ask your car manufacturer which the driver is supposed to do:

1. Wait to see if the autopilot will react to a situation, and if it doesn't, then (belatedly) react yourself. (Which is probably too late.)

2. Keep alert and react as fast as you can, yourself, not presuming to trust the autopilot. (In which case, why enable the annoying thing? It's more of a hindrance.)

BTW, regarding this particular situation, if the car in front of you is blocking your view of a stopped vehicle, and suddenly swerves to avoid it at the last moment, then I figure autopilots and humans will be equally ineffective.

Comment Re:Since neither is getting elected (Score 2) 264

Remember the rule of paradoxes.

He's both a traitor and a hero? This isn't just a difference of opinion: it's very easy to argue that he's both. It sounds paradoxical.

Whenever you see a paradox, the rule is: look for the flaw in your assumptions. Your assumptions might include:

  • Performing your civic duty doesn't necessitate breaking the law.
  • He leaked only the information necessary to perform the civic duty.
  • Being a traitor (legally) is the same as being a traitor (morally).
  • Being a traitor to your country is the same as being a traitor to your country's citizens.
  • Whistleblowing is encouraged and protected.
  • (Plenty of other assumptions, I'm sure.)

Comment Uncertain strategy (Score 1) 417

I've always been of two minds about this. I admire taking such an action on principle, and certainly you don't want to be in the position of taking actions you can't tolerate. But on the other hand, if all the moral people leave, you get a company full of immoral people (in this case, a company with lots of clout). Is it better to stay and push back from the inside?

Comment Explaining the benefits of fusion power (Score 1) 267

Fusion should allow us to push out the limit of our unbridled exponential population growth for an extra ... decade or so. Increases the chances of the Malthusian catastrophe happening after my lifetime.

So please, we need fusion ASAP.

Oh, yeah, I guess we could start to think about some population planning too. Might be nice.

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