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Comment Uncertain strategy (Score 1) 417

I've always been of two minds about this. I admire taking such an action on principle, and certainly you don't want to be in the position of taking actions you can't tolerate. But on the other hand, if all the moral people leave, you get a company full of immoral people (in this case, a company with lots of clout). Is it better to stay and push back from the inside?

Comment Explaining the benefits of fusion power (Score 1) 267

Fusion should allow us to push out the limit of our unbridled exponential population growth for an extra ... decade or so. Increases the chances of the Malthusian catastrophe happening after my lifetime.

So please, we need fusion ASAP.

Oh, yeah, I guess we could start to think about some population planning too. Might be nice.

Comment Re:Reminder: Holographic theory != Simulation (Score 1) 157

Some words, like "inflammable" and "hologram", are irreversibly broken; don't use them. (Unless communication is less important than the smug sense of superiority you get from thinking you're smarter than everyone else).

Physicists, can you come up with another name for this? I know, your definition got there first, and it's a shame, but it's time to give up and move on.

Comment Looking in the wrong place. (Score 1) 115

The real fault seems to be in classes like AnnotationInvocationHandler or PriorityQueue (both part of the Java library), whose readObject() methods trustingly call some methods on their child objects.

AnnotationInvocationHandler calls map.entrySet(); PriorityQueue calls compare(). You just make sure the child object executes malicious code when executing those methods. For the child object, you can find a utility class such as LazyMap (from Commons) that executes a function while calling entrySet(). The function can be another utility class that executes some method by reflection (e.g. a Runtime method). These utility classes are all over the place to support functional-style or config-as-code programming.

But I think the real fault lies in those classes that execute child code during readObject(). It doesn't lie in the Commons classes that are used for the children.

Comment Re:Literally (Score 1) 307

"Literally" does not mean "very much like".

Actually*, "very", or "verily" (from Middle English "verray" = true, real) does (literally) mean "literally".

* And for that matter, so does "actually". In fact, it seems that almost every word ever invented that means "truly" or "actually" or "literally" or "completely" gets degraded though overuse of hypberbole to eventually mean "quite a lot".**

** Including "quite".

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