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Journal Journal: Wow!

Oh snap! I just posted a sarcastic comment about Microsoft! I'm not sure, but I think that makes me an official Slashdotter.

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Journal Journal: Town braces for massive rally in support of 'Jena 6'

Oh lord. As I sit down to read the news this morning, I wonder how many absurd things are being printed today. Yes, I meant printed, because there is a big difference between reality and how things are painted by news outlets. Why does this happen? 99% of the time it is due to the disgusting practice of being 'politically correct'.

Politically correct articles/stories make me want to vomit...

Seriously, today's story is about a gang of black teenagers in Louisiana beating a white student almost to death. Prior to this incident, some other white teenagers hung up a noose on a tree because a black student wanted to sit under it. The authorities said the incidents weren't directly related, and that neither were due to race.

That terd-sniffer Al Sharpton says that the kids who hung up the noose should be prosecuted for hate crimes, but feels that prosecuting the gang who almost killed the white kid has been too 'harsh'. Why is this? It's because of idiots being politically correct allow bigots like Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson to speak without challenging their rhetoric. At some point there HAS to be an honest dialogue, and say 'yes' both were incidences of ignorance and hate towards another race. The fact of the matter is that hanging a noose under a tree because a kid asked to sit under it, is insane and displays ignorance for the sensitivities of another race, but they didn't go out and hurt anyone.

On the other hand, six black teens, beating a white teen within inches of his life is not only ignorant, it is a violent crime that not only displays a lack of sensitivity towards another race, more importantly it exhibits contempt for human life. There is NO justifiable reason for a gang of six people to beat another person to death, or try to do so. The FACT that these six teens were violent and almost killed a person needs to be pursued. Does it really matter if it was because they hate white people? Not really. If you compare the damage of the crimes, that is more an indicator of hate.

So, if this douche Al Sharpton wasn't such a hypocrite he would be trying to get the gang of 6 teenagers prosecuted for the hate crime of attempted murder, instead of trying to make the act of hanging an offensive (and stupid) symbol of hate from a tree as bad or worse than beating a helpless person so bad that they almost die. The two offenses are not equivalent, and people just need to step forward and say it like it is.

Hurting a person is bad. A gang of people beating an unarmed, helpless person almost to death is incredibly bad. Hanging a noose from a tree -- is offensive.

The most important fact to consider is that the kid who was severely beaten had nothing to do with the other incident. So people need to avoid being distracted by the media circus and its clowns Sharpton and Jackson trying to distract from the true crime that was committed. But people seem to be too busy being politically correct to tell Sharpton et al. to shut the hell up, because they are just inciting racial tensions for their own political gain.

Sad really.

You can read about the story here: Jena 6

...and I have included it below, just in case the link dies. Town braces for massive rally in support of 'Jena 6'

JENA, Louisiana (CNN) -- For weeks, Mychal Bell expected to find out his punishment Thursday for his alleged role in a school beating that has thrust racial tensions in a tiny Southern town into the national spotlight -- and onto the political stage. art.jena.ap.jpg Charles Steele Jr., president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, speaks in Jena, Louisiana. Click to view previous image 1 of 3 Click to view next image Instead, he and five other black teens will be the focus of a rally that promises to bring enough protesters to Jena, Louisiana, to outnumber its 3,000 residents many times over. By 8 a.m. ET Thursday, thousands of people had arrived for the rally and some parking areas in the small town were full. "This is a march for justice. This is not a march against whites or against Jena," said the Rev. Al Sharpton, a civil rights activist and one of the protest organizers. The Rev. Jesse Jackson, Martin Luther King III, and hip-hop artist Mos Def also are expected to attend. Barricades have gone up around the local courthouse and Louisiana state troopers said they will be out in force to keep the peace, as the demonstrators protest what they feel are excessive criminal charges and bond amounts for the teens, dubbed the "Jena 6."

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Journal Journal: I didn't forget yooo journal!

Oh dear journal, I have missed you so! Ah am so ver' very sorry for not writing in you more :(

I have been too busy dealing with real life, and haven't had time to be a slash-dotting (but please don't tell mama that! She'd never speak to me again!). Perhaps ah will come up wit a funny post sometime soon, but for now this will have to do.

Oh my, oh my how I just love the /.

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Journal Journal: Ah have been a moderator -- surely mama loves me now??

While mama said mah bad hoobeedoo was all over da place because of mah bads karma, and had had 'nuff o dat. So she said she'd not be talking to me until ah gots the positive karma.

Well, I got it! And not only dat, but I been one o dem mod-o-rators. I was fighting for the underdog too, only givin people with low karma good scores. O lord blees me por passing out positive karma on those neglected slash dotters!

But does mama love me now?? No! She says I gotta be positive for 6 months or she'll never love me :(

Oh, dats soooo cruel. What's a poor slashdotter to do?

One day mah karma is positive, the other it's neutral... Oh, I'm soo sad

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Journal Journal: Some loser with mod rights nabbed me!

Oh journal, this is so sad. I made a really smart post today, and some ding dong modded me down as redundant -- despite the fact that I was the only person to post about what I posted about. Then they said I was wrong.

Perhaps they don't know what redundant means. :((

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Journal Journal: Mama will be proud of me!!!!

Oh journal, guess what?? Nope, I don't have some funky disease :(

I have been rewarded my first 5 moderator points due to mah uber L33T posting skillage. Ah am gunna call mama and she will love me again.

I'm not sure but I think my last few posts have been so incredibly brilliant that the Slashdotters not only started to love me, but find me to be smart!

Yay me!! I swear, I am going to teel everyone I know that I have 5 moderator points on Slashdot.

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Journal Journal: April fools day! 1

Dear journal, I still have positive karma and am feeling a little 'frisky'. So I submitted an April Fools post. Boy I hope the Slashdotters love it, and give me many uber pointage points! :)

User Journal

Journal Journal: Positive again == Yeah! Sweet!!

Dear journal, ah have a positive karma again! Although the day is yound, I find myself proud to be able to wake up and walk around with positive karma. If only all Slashdotters knew me; then my karma would be soooo positive that mama would not only love me again, but she would probably let me visit her and papa.

I made a fancy post just a minute ago, that I think will be a hit with the Slashdotters. I posted about some software, and said that it is too bad it doesn't work on all computers such as Linux, OSX, and Windows. Slashdotters get all excited when you say good stuff about Linux, so I should get at least a couple of points for that post!

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Journal Journal: O Lody, lody, lody!

All b'cause of that slackjawed slashdotter marking mah post down yestuday, I am back to a neutral karma. O lordy, what will ah do?

Ah try, and ah try.... (insert multiple sad faces here).

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Journal Journal: An idiot marked me down???

Say it ain't so journal! Ah made a post t'day, and some ol' idiot marked me as off-topic. I felt a little hurt, and betrayed. Now I can only wonder, 'does this mean I am NOT loved by these uber-'intelligent' Slashdotters??

OMG! This is so bad! What will ah do? And now mama says my hoobeedoo is gettin even worse. Boo-hoo :(

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Journal Journal: positive karma, but my hoobeedoo is still all wrong?

dear journal, I called up mama this morning to tell her all about mah positive karma, and how I think the Slashdot crowd must be starting to love me.

She said I am not as popular as I think, and I was like 'no mama! Say it aint' so!!'

But she said 'yes - it is so', and I was sad. Mama told me that they is some score multiplier bonus, and that is what is making me get good scores these days.

I told mama that it don't matter 'cause she will always love me as long as I have positive karma, but she said 'No!'

Oh journal! why o why?

She said I still need to be gettin' rid of the rest of mah funky hoobeedoo dats laying around my profile.

Now I have to figure out what hoobeedoo is. But at least mama's talkin' to me 'gain.

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Journal Journal: Dear journal -- I did it!!!

I have finally achieved my ultimate goal in the whole wide world -- positive karma! Now mama will love me, and talk to me again :D

User Journal

Journal Journal: Me and my neutral karma

Alas my karma continues to be neutral, and I have been posting my heart out. Perhaps I have nothing to post that is worthy of a good score... I MUST keep trying though! :/

User Journal

Journal Journal: Mah karma is neutral, and mama still wont talk to me?

I am proud to say that I have maintained a neutral karma, and hope to have a positive karma soon! However, mama still ain't talking to me :(

Why o why is life soooo cruel? She says she won't talk to me until I have good karma, and I get rid of all that stanky hoobeedoo associated with my bad karma.

Boy ah sure do miss mama!

Anyways, I will keep on trying to be intelligent so the other slashdotters love me, and give me good grades. Then I will win back mama! I will!

User Journal

Journal Journal: Someday I will make it!

I hope some day I will make it into the big league of Slashdot and be able to moderate a few posts! Some day.... [dream sequence fades in]

Then I will be someone, and mama will love me again!!

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