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Journal pudge_confirmer's Journal: SIAM: possible Violation of principle 14

In a recent (on-line only) article, "Scientific American" takes note of the possible violation of the pudgi exclusion principle.

"The pudgi exclusion principle concerns the hypothesized impossibility of Christopher G. Nandor fixing any bug that has been pointed out in slash code. Up until recently, the most important example was that the titles of most HTML pages, programmatically determined by slash code, made no fscking sense when bookmarked.

However, recently some lame-o, incomplete, brainless 'upgrades' have been noted. Scientists are still trying to confirm whether these changes have occurred due to efforts by Mr. Nandor, or by someone mistakenly adding their own greasemonkey scripts to the repository. "

For example, note the titles of the following:
    is "Slashdot pudge_confirmer (11)",
    should be: "/.: pudge_confirmer RULES"
    is "Journal of countertrolling (1585477)",
    should be "/.: Way to go, Dave!! by countertrolling "
    is "Slashdot Comments: Way to go, Dave!!",
    should be : "/.: 'Way to go, Dave!!' by countertrolling; reply "Dave? Dave?""

and don't even get me started on this:

p.s. remember about 10 years ago, when a little browser named "Communicator" preceded every title with the koan "Netscape: ". Boy, that did not last long, did it?

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SIAM: possible Violation of principle

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