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Journal pudge's Journal: Pudge Finally Moves to New Glob 5

I've gone and done it and set up my a new site, called <pudge/*> (pronounced "PudgeGlob").

I won't be fully retiring my other journal sites -- I'll still post Perl stuff on use Perl, for example -- but in general, I'll be using the new site for everything. When I do post something to my other journals -- or to Flickr, or YouTube -- it'll be mirrored there. I've already prepopulated it with thousands of posts from my other sites over the past 10 years.

At some point I will be more closely integrating PudgeTunes with <pudge/*> -- each song will have its own entry, and I'll generate podcast feeds directly from the new site -- but other than that, it's pretty much set.

This also means my "meta-feed" is going away. If you subscribed to pudge.net/feed.rss, it now just symlinks to pudge.net/glob/rss.xml.

So now you have one place to go for All Things Pudge. ;-)


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Pudge Finally Moves to New Glob

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  • Does this mean that you will not be posting journal entries here at slashdot anymore? Or that your main copies will just be posted to your glob site first also?
    • by pudge ( 3605 ) * Works for Slashdot

      Does this mean that you will not be posting journal entries here at slashdot anymore? Or that your main copies will just be posted to your glob site first also?
      I'll probably be posting journal entries on Slashdot with a lot less frequency. Although, if there's enough requests, who knows ... maybe I'll just mirror everything onto Slashdot.
      • by FroMan ( 111520 )
        While your thoughts and views are interesting and entertaining to read, I'll not likely be wandering off to other sites to find your posts. I'd really appreciate to see your political and world view posts at least mirrored here on slashdot if it is not too much to ask.
        • by pudge ( 3605 ) * Works for Slashdot
          Thanks for the feedback. And yeah, I hear you ... I've felt the same about others who have left Slashdot or use Perl, and sometimes I've followed, but often I've not.

          I'll think on it and see what I come up with. I have a few different thoughts about it.

          The good thing is that since Slashdot has SOAP posting, it's relatively easy to mirror it, it's just a matter of organization, the flow of entries from one place to another, and then writing an MT plugin to handle it.

          • I will second FroMan in being sad to see you go. I rather enjoy reading you on my /amigos.
            I will set up my reader for your new journal, but I probably won't visit it daily for a while. Unless everyone completely disappears here, which is the way things are going, then I suppose I will be looking for a new online home. I don't think that will be Multiply (to which most of the Slashdot Journal migration occurred), so I am open to suggestions.

            If you choose to mirror your posts to /. (and I hope that you do

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