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Comment Re:Old news (Score 1) 116

You're right. The other os lawsuit won a settlement for those effected. People should assert their right to use the hardware as they choose. But game consoles are built around the concept of restricting the use of the hardware and forcing developer to pay the manufacturer for the right to create software for it. Why support this model of hardware manufacture? Aren't you just giving them more motive to do this again. It won't surprise me at all if game console manufacturers do this again, even if there's a lawsuit. I think (from their perspective) the cost of the lawsuit is minimal compared to their assertion of IP rights.

Comment Old news (Score 1) 116

Alot of the complaining seems a bit disingenuous. Game consoles have always been locked down, proprietary, restrictive devices. Remember when Sony removed the Other OS option? They reserve the right to change the playing field whenever they choose. If you don't like this type of behavior, don't buy their console.

Comment Once, long ago... (Score 2, Insightful) 163

Once, long ago..., Slashdot was a place of serious programmers. They were interested in the philosophy of open source programming. They were committed to the development of good open source software, of promoting its use and development. They were interested in the technical challenges that it's development created, and they discussed the various facets of the issues involving open source software. there are only people like us discussing the latest Mac! Ha ha ha ha! We've destroyed them ALL! We've RUINED THEIR WEBSITE! HA HA HA HA HA! BWAHAHAHA!

Comment What I observe since Trump's election (Score 1) 424

The game plan so far has consisted of: 1) Legalize spying and sale of data by ISPs and 2) Squelching attempts to help the poor get access to basic services necessary to working. I wonder what 3) will be? A SOPA, PIPA or ACTA revival? Expanded powers to prosecute people who infringe on intellectual property? New restrictions on the 4th amendment?

Comment Horror Story (Score 5, Funny) 300

My boss (CIO) promotes me from his favorite developer to management, of which, admittedly I know nothing. After a few months he calls me into his office, wants to discuss my management style. He feels I'm not being assertive enough. Throws a knife down on the desk says, "Now, I want you to stab me." I say what. He says, "Stab me, go on, fucking stab me." I tell him I'm not stabbing me. He comes around the desk and tells me if I don't stab him, he's going to stab me. Then he gets up in my face and starts screaming for him to stab him. Finally, I snap and pick up the knife and try and stab him. He breaks my arm in two places and breaks two of my ribs. Then he claims in court that I attacked him with a knife. Well, I can tell you, I won't work in management ever again.

Comment Re:the new age (Score 1) 110

The criticism has been made that the major beneficiaries from this new method of music consumption are the major record labels, not the artists. Indie artists with a limited number of recordings may indeed benefit from exposure through new streaming services, but the amount of money they stand to make is much less. David Byrne made an interesting point in a Rolling Stone article: "Perhaps we might stop for a moment and consider the effect these services and this technology will have, before 'selling off' all our cultural assets the way the big record companies did," he writes. "Musicians might, for now, challenge the major labels and get a fairer deal than 15 percent of a pittance, but it seems to me that the whole model is unsustainable as a means of supporting creative work of any kind. Not just music." He finishes with a bleak warning. "What's at stake is not so much the survival of artists like me, but that of emerging artists and those who have only a few records under their belts," Byrne writes. "Without new artists coming up, our future as a musical culture looks grim."

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