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Comment Re:What a bunch of freakin cry babies (Score 1) 102

Totally agree - only in an era where everyone is used to getting everything on the web for free could you put out a FREE game and still get this kind of reaction for having the AUDACITY to decide on a model that works for the good of both user and creator... How the hell are they supposed to make a living? $1.00 an app? Yes, the annoying ad tactics are lame, I will concede - but you must realize: it is because we are all too cheap to spend any money on the web... hell, they can't even make the money off ad rev. anymore (exceptions like google aside) ... the whole damn system is falling apart at the seams if you ask me... but that's another story (which I am betting will unfold rapidly over the coming months... but i digress). Pay up or shut up.

Comment What a bunch of freakin cry babies (Score 0, Troll) 102

Zynga making money because people are too stupid to not give their email addresses or cell phone numbers to companies that misuse them is a new form of evolution. The strong (i.e. those that don't fall for these scams) survive, the weak fail. Zynga doesn't give a rats ass about the boycotts because unless they actually stop spending money, having 11% less on their servers is doing them a favor.

In other words .. since I don't spend a dime on Zynga products but use their service to play games, and they are not getting any ad revenue for it, then if I joined in the boycott it would have a POSITIVE impact on their system because it lets those that spend money use resources that I'm not tying up.

No one makes anyone play Farmville. I do because it's entertaining to me .. I can play for 10 minutes and walk away until my next round of crops come due. The entertainment in it for me was how to get the most out of the game for the least effort and NO money. I'm at level 33, have bypassed all my friends but one that started before me, and haven't spent one red cent.

If people aren't smart enough to figure out how to enjoy something that is free without spending money on it .. then who gives a fuck why they get pissed off. If someone gets so wrapped up in a FREE game that they get upset when the engine goes down and they lose some crops, stop playing it and go spend money on a real video game that requires skill. Unless they are too inept to handle real video games. But then again, there is always solitaire or Plants Vs Zombies (I love PVZ).

As to the whiners whining about 'social contracts' and 'being exploited', what a bunch of feel-good liberal BS. Do you make sure the person buying your used car buys it for a fair price, or do you get as much out of them as you can. And when you buy a used car, do you pay extra for it, or do you try to pay as little as possible. We ALL take advantage of other people, it's just a question of to what degree.

I was in a motorcycle crash several months ago. The person driving the car that hit me had the minimum coverage that Arizona state law requires. So MY insurance company had to pay for what hers couldn't. Anyone whining about this poor college student exploiting the system, or me being taken advantage of because I was smart enough to pay for a decent insurance policy??? But I'll bet if it was the other way around, there would be all kinds of law suits flying around.

So go ahead and whine about the mean old company taking advantage of the stupid people without doing anything illegal if it makes you feel good and all puffed up about how moral and upstanding you are. Just make sure the next time you sell your car, you take as little for it as possible so you aren't a hypocrite.

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