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Comment Re: Better be ready to be beat up when layed off w (Score 1) 526

So what do you do with the increasing segment of the population who have nothing to trade (your Person C)? If you don't subsidize them, they either steal to survive or revolt. In either case, they will take by force whatever is needed to survive, so cheaper to subsidize then the alternatives (warfare or mass murder).

Comment Re:Nope (Score 3) 468

And what happens when one no longer needs humans to do the work since they provide so little value? The usual solution is is to gain more skills, but that is increasingly difficult since most peoples costs have a pretty hard floor (housing, food, transportation), and acquiring skills usually requires one to gain such skills independently, as employer refuse to train, or provide much in the way of assistance of increasing the workers skill (why would they, just hire someone else, or automate the person away entirely). Its becoming a catch-22: To increase your financial resources, you must acquire new skills, which require financial or time resource to gain, which you didn't have to start with, hence wanting to increase them to begin with.

Comment Re:How nice (Score 1) 24

Cheap SMS over data. Check out how much you have to pay for texting in some countries, as well as international rates. You usually have to pay some exorbitant price per text, or pay extra per month for unlimited international texting.

Also, it is self configuring, because your username/login is your phone number + IMEI number.

Comment Re:Funny (Score 3, Insightful) 71

Nations also sign treaties. Treaties usually result in laws being passed. Otherwise the other nations who sign the treaty just ignores you and kicks you out of the treaty.

One of the most fundamental concepts in civil law is contracts, and treaties are just contracts between nation states. Break any contract you sign in good faith and tell me how it goes.

Comment Re:Should have been DOTA2 (Score 1) 75

Problem with dota 2 is the snowball nature of the PvE aspect. An AI there will quite easily crush any team because they will have near perfect farm, which eliminates any skill/strategy any human is going to come up with. A fully slotted in 20 minute Spectre/Void/Sniper is not all that interesting to win against

They also noted why SC was preferred, the team lead and presented was a former UC Berkeley student who worked on Overmind, the SCBW AI.

Simply put, DotA 2 is less taxing APM wise, since as you as you play safe and have perfect lane equilibrium control with your CS, it is rather difficult to lose. Even top pros can't deny and last hit every wave.

Comment Re:Why government intervention all the time? (Score 2) 164

Here's the issue

1) Good luck doing this. It currently is tricky as is.

2) Here's the REALLY fun one. You identify the entity with the device, they live in another country. You now lack any legal power to influence them whatsoever, unless you have the money to file an international complaint/lawsuit, assuming it is even possible.

2a) Assume you suit goes through, it gets promptly ignored. Random hacked Chinese/Russian/Australian/German is not going to care what some person in another country thinks.

Comment Re:Easy to fix (Score 2) 39

As far as I'm aware, the main thing WhatsApp has going for it, in a similar way Skype did, is that it allows international texting on the cheap.

I believe here in the US it isn't much to add on to a wireless plan to get international texting, but in other parts of the world, they charge by the text and gouge pretty hard on it. I would be interested to know how much Deutsche Telekom (or other major wireless operators) charge for international texts.

So WhatApp is the perfect mix of ease of use (no login needed), cheap (was 1 USD a year after the first year, now its free), and by passes the expensive text charges.

As an anecdote, I regularly text a small group, with one person in the UK, another in Singapore, and another in Thailand. Last I looked, if I didn't have unlimited international texting in my wireless plan, it would be like 25 cents PER TEXT. So a small conversation of rapid fire texts would rack up pretty fast.

Comment Re:Another way to look at this is.. (Score 1) 400

"Let the market, as cold and harsh as it is, sort things out."

And then the markets are reminded there there is thing called emotions and will to live, which results in the introduction of the free market of violence, where I take what I need to live, damm the consequences. No human being is going to stand by and let free markets work, if it means watching their child die, for any reason,.

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