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Comment Re:Surprising (Score 4, Insightful) 240

"If Iowa wants to sell you food or if you want to eat?"

There is a reason agriculture is at the bottom of the economic food chain. I can choose to buy my food elsewhere, it will be just more expensive. Iowa being unable to sell its food, will have basically nothing.

This is a common argument against urban america "You urbanites need our food!". The reality is, no they don't, but the rural areas surely need the technology, transportation, trade and manufacturing. The real world examples of this in action is Hong Kong and Singapore, neither of which can produce food on any scale, yet have no issues with feeding their populaces.

There is a reason the US and most of the developed world has steadily urbanized. In more recent history, see the mass migrations from eastern China to the coasts.

Comment Re:Down with Putin - Down with Trump (Score 1) 278

I would note that is also a product of demographics. If all the Democrats moved to the primary urban/metro areas in the US, then by default they forfeit control over 30 states, since the aformentioned metro areas are in a grand total of 10, maybe 15 states.

Consider how many states have less then 5 representatives. Nearly all of them that are not near another states metro area, went for the Republican Party (so in general they are large area, with minimal population).

Also consider the reality that the House of Representatives is now a tyranny of the minority (ironically).

First past the post also punishes Democrats moving to urban areas, since they increase an advantage that counts for nothing. The more wealth urban areas get (urbanization tends to do that), the less their political power they have, relatively.

In the end, the Republican party will probably end up having a strong lock on government, but the Democrat urban areas will dictate via economics to everyone else anyhow (California, New York and Texas routinely set standards that business follow and apply uniformly since it would cost too much to make different versions for the minority part of the economy, main one I'm familiar with is textbooks, but California environmental rules often come into play too).

Comment Re:such a wonder to mankind (Score 1) 158

Well, it did help redesign Google datacenter cooling, and save Google a bunch of money (along with being more environmentally friendly by reducing the overall power usage). Seems like a pretty good application. Nothing beats lowering CO2 emissions by simply not using power altogether.

Comment Re: Better be ready to be beat up when layed off w (Score 1) 541

So what do you do with the increasing segment of the population who have nothing to trade (your Person C)? If you don't subsidize them, they either steal to survive or revolt. In either case, they will take by force whatever is needed to survive, so cheaper to subsidize then the alternatives (warfare or mass murder).

Comment Re:Nope (Score 3) 468

And what happens when one no longer needs humans to do the work since they provide so little value? The usual solution is is to gain more skills, but that is increasingly difficult since most peoples costs have a pretty hard floor (housing, food, transportation), and acquiring skills usually requires one to gain such skills independently, as employer refuse to train, or provide much in the way of assistance of increasing the workers skill (why would they, just hire someone else, or automate the person away entirely). Its becoming a catch-22: To increase your financial resources, you must acquire new skills, which require financial or time resource to gain, which you didn't have to start with, hence wanting to increase them to begin with.

Comment Re:How nice (Score 1) 24

Cheap SMS over data. Check out how much you have to pay for texting in some countries, as well as international rates. You usually have to pay some exorbitant price per text, or pay extra per month for unlimited international texting.

Also, it is self configuring, because your username/login is your phone number + IMEI number.

Comment Re:Funny (Score 3, Insightful) 71

Nations also sign treaties. Treaties usually result in laws being passed. Otherwise the other nations who sign the treaty just ignores you and kicks you out of the treaty.

One of the most fundamental concepts in civil law is contracts, and treaties are just contracts between nation states. Break any contract you sign in good faith and tell me how it goes.

Comment Re:Should have been DOTA2 (Score 1) 75

Problem with dota 2 is the snowball nature of the PvE aspect. An AI there will quite easily crush any team because they will have near perfect farm, which eliminates any skill/strategy any human is going to come up with. A fully slotted in 20 minute Spectre/Void/Sniper is not all that interesting to win against

They also noted why SC was preferred, the team lead and presented was a former UC Berkeley student who worked on Overmind, the SCBW AI.

Simply put, DotA 2 is less taxing APM wise, since as you as you play safe and have perfect lane equilibrium control with your CS, it is rather difficult to lose. Even top pros can't deny and last hit every wave.

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