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Comment Re:SuSE (Score 1) 573

I have been using OpenSuse since around v10, mostly with KDE but I have gnome installed as well. I find Yast (essentially a nicer Linux version of Microsoft's control panel) easy to use, so adding printers, scanners etc. is easy to do. GUI or text versions are very similar.

It would be good if you could do a follow up post of how you get on with whatever distro you choose.

Comment Re:Once you solve the hardware challenges..... (Score 3, Informative) 160

I can recommend Rocks as well, although you WILL need the slave nodes to have disks in them (you could scrounge some ancient 40Gb drives from somewhere...) you seem to want hardware information so...

First point is to have all the fans pointing the same way. Large HPC's arrange cabinets back-to-back, so you have a 'hot' corridor and a 'cold' corridor, which enables you to access both sides of the cabinet and saves some money on cooling.
My old workplace had two clusters and various servers in an air conditioned room, with all the nodes pointing the back wall. probably similar to what you have.
Don't know anything about the UPS, but I would assume having it on the floor would be OK.

Good luck with your project. Write a post in the future telling us how it goes.

Comment They have other things to worry about (Score 5, Informative) 87

Prenda have much bigger things to worry about than the EFF. They have really annoyed a federal judge, and may be guilty of perjury, contempt of court, fraud on the court and identity theft. Probably a couple of other offences as well.

Prenda isn't finished yet, but given the recent hearing they probably won't be around much longer

Comment Why bother buying one? (Score 1) 403

The original wii filled the casual gamers market with a simple remote that even my 84 year old grandfather could use (this is the guy who's mobile phone went off so he put it under the tap to get it to shut up). Nintendo came up with simple, fun games and few additional accessories to go with it.

For this market, graphics/HD are not really needed and are not especially important. Why bother to upgrade?
"Hard Core" gamers would go and buy the Xbox720/PS4 when they come out as graphics/gameplay/improved physics are important. Not so much for more casual gamers.

I have a Wii, and have no intention of buying the WiiU.

Comment Answer- Scientific computing (Score 1) 176

They are aiming the GTX Titan at the GPU scientific computing market- by fitting up to three of the things in a smaller form factor and running on a (relatively) small power footprint of 250W, these can be useful for CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) calculations, quantum chemistry calculations, protein folding, bitcoin mining (as mentioned by msauve) the list goes on.

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